How to tie a heart

You will need
  • - hook (choose the size of the hook, depending on the thickness of the thread from which you are going to knit)
  • - thread / yarn
  • - a filler for a heart (cotton wool, cloth scraps)
Decide on the heart color, choose the material from which you will knit: yarn or iris. Remember, the thicker the threads, the more volumetric your heart will turn out.
Tie the first part. It will consist of 4 rows.
1 row: Type two air loops. In the second loop, knit six columns without single crochet. Check, you should have six loops in total.
2 row: In each of the six loops, tie two columns without crochet. So you should have twelve loops.
3 row: In each of the loops knit one column without single crochet. You must have twelve loops.
4th row: We knit it in the same way as the 3rd row (in each loop there is one column without single crochet).
Tear off the thread. The first part of the heart is ready.
The back side of the heart fit in the same way as the front (4 rows).
Connect the two parts together.Tie a heart in a circle, thus bringing it together.
Start the heart, starting from the second row, tying two loops together. Do not tie up several rows to fill the heart with cotton wool.
Stuff the heart with filler. And keep reducing until one loop is left.

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