How to transform sleeves: ideas for decoration or restoration

Recently I was approached by an acquaintance asking me to fix a burned sleeve on my favorite textile jacket. The owner categorically refused to redo the thing into the vest, so I turned to the universal mind to look for inspiration. Some options seemed interesting to me, and I wanted to share with you some ideas that can be used in mending, lengthening or simply decorating my favorite things.

Of course, the most common and popular jewelery is the addition of lace, braid, and ribbons to light shirts, blouses, and knitwear. Inserts can be made as in the middle of the part:

So on the bottom of the sleeves:

There are enough intricate options for designing a sleeve with sewing and guipure:

Of course, one of the most popular options for the transformation of the sleeves - this is fantasy on cuffs. Cuffs can be sewn to the sleeve or simply poddety under it:

In the case of tears, cuts on the sleeves, you can make curly inserts of lace:

Options for warmer clothes are also found. And for my task they are more relevant.

To change the jacket, jacket or light jacket, you can use ribbons, ribbons, as well as stripes or frills from companion fabrics. At the same time there is no limit to the combination of colors and textures.

And you can extend the sleeves with knitted cuffs or replace the sleeves completely!

The most laborious, in my opinion, but no less interesting solution: finishing the sleeves with fur. From the point of view of utility, it is arguable, but beautiful:

And finally, the idea, which I liked extraordinarily, was to my liking: they were simply crocheted sweater sleeves with a fringe, on a denim jacket.

Be beautiful, creative and irresistible!

And I will go to choose my version of the repair sleeves. I hope that everything will turn out, and I will be able to boast some time later with my alteration.

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