How to transport things to another city?

Moving is not only an exciting event, but also a very difficult process, especially if your new home is in another city. And most of the difficulties associated with the transport of things. And how to make it fast, efficient and simple? Let's find out!

We turn for help to professionals: the features of company choice

To transport things yourself is unlikely to succeed, unless you own large personal transport. And that is why it is best to seek the help of professionals. Today, such services are provided by many shipping companies. But how to choose the best? Here is what you should pay attention to:

  • Services provided. To get started is to examine the list of services provided. It may include not only the carriage itself, but also loading and even packaging. Of course, the more services you receive, the more you will need to pay. But one should proceed not only from the cost. Rate your abilities and strengths.For example, if you think that you can load all things on your own (or with the help of relatives, friends or acquaintances), then you can completely refuse this service. If this is not possible, then it is better to use the services of professional movers, it will save time and effort. As for the packaging, there are some nuances here. So, if you have the right materials and skills, then do it yourself. But in this case, the integrity and safety of your property will depend solely on you, or rather on your skills. If you doubt yourself, then you better trust professional packers, they will do everything quickly and efficiently, but, of course, for the money.
  • Cost of services. This moment is also important, because almost every person carrying out the move wants to save money. But it is worth remembering that sometimes the “miser pays twice”, so too low a price should alert you, as it can speak about the low quality of the transport used and the lack of professionalism of the staff. And such factors directly affect the safety of the transported property and the timing.
  • Reputation carrier company. First of all, find out how long the company exists. The longer the better. Also, be sure to study customer feedback about it, find it on the official website or by interviewing your friends and acquaintances. If the reputation is dubious, then you should choose another carrier.
  • What company is it: international or long-distance? International can transport things to another country, and this probably means that the carrier company is confident in its abilities and works well and smoothly. In addition, it certainly has a license, and this is a big plus. But the cost of services of such a company may be higher than long-distance.

Conclusion of a contract

So, how to transport things to another city and make a move without loss? If you have decided on the choice of the company, you can proceed to the conclusion of the contract. Here's what to pay special attention to:

  • Transport. Find out which car will be shipped, and discuss this important point in advance. First, determine its capacity, which will depend directly on the quantity, size and weight of the transported items.For example, if you are transporting furniture, you will need a KAMAZ car. If transportation of small things is planned, then a Gazelle will be enough. Secondly, by all means pay attention to the brand of cars, as well as the years of their release. It is clear that the better the transport will be, and the less it will be in operation, the better. A good and relatively new car moves faster and breaks less often. But if it is old, it may temporarily fail on the way, which will significantly increase the duration of transportation.
  • Guarantees, rights and obligations of the parties. Before concluding a contract, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rights and obligations: both your own and the carrier company. Each party undertakes to comply with them, and failure to comply may result in either termination of the contract or payment of fines due to penalties. In addition, be sure to find out what warranties are provided to you. So, some companies guarantee the safety of property and insure it, that is, if they are damaged or lost, they will indemnify you for damage.
  • Discuss deadlines. Find out how long things will be delivered to the end point.Of course, you will want to do everything as soon as possible, but remember that the rush can lead to not the most pleasant consequences. But if the time is too long, then the services should be abandoned.

How to prepare things?

So, how to prepare things for transportation?

  1. Make a complete list of them, and preferably with a detailed description. This will allow time to notice the loss, as well as defects arising in the process of transportation.
  2. Then you can go to the most important stage of preparation - packaging. First of all, decide on the packaging. The easiest and cheapest option is cardboard boxes. Use the ones you have, or ask your relatives, acquaintances or friends. You can also contact the supermarket or home appliance store. But it is worth remembering that the cardboard box is unreliable and can be deformed. So valuable and fragile things are best transported in a container. It will protect against deformation and preserve the property. To provide such a container should directly transport companies. It is advisable to wrap all breakable and fragile products with air-bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard or crumpled paper.Volumetric things should be placed in a vacuum package, this will save you space. By the way, do not forget to sign or number each package (in accordance with the list).
  3. And, finally, loading. Even if it is carried out by loaders, control the process to avoid damage and loss.

Helpful Tips

Several useful recommendations that will help organize the transportation of things and ensure their integrity and safety:

  • Before entering into a contract, read it carefully. Read literally into every word and pay special attention to footnotes at the bottom, as well as the text written in small print. Sign your name only if you are sure that you are not being deceived. If something is not clear to you, then immediately ask the question to the employee engaged in the conclusion of contracts.
  • Even if the packaging is carried out by the shipping company, assess the integrity and strength of the packaging. Carefully inspect each container used.
  • If you use boxes for packing, then by all means wrap each tape, this will avoid damage.
  • When things arrive at their destination, be sure to count them and carefully consider them to immediately report any discovered defects.

Happy, fast and easy moving to you!

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