How to travel around Rome

We start the journey

We begin an independent journey by extracting a map. You can buy a card at the nearest kiosk for 5 - 7 euros. When buying a card, pay attention to whether public transport routes are on it. Information for the budget: in hotels, cards are issued for free. The receptionist of a good hotel can tell you about the sights of Rome for free.
Tourist service in Rome is represented by Tour-Info kiosks. However, it is not recommended to rely on these kiosks, as there are very few of them. Tourists who prefer public transport and museums are simply obliged to buy a Roma Pass card. This card gives you the opportunity to save on travel and visit museums without a queue.

We solve domestic difficulties

The most pressing domestic problem for a self-traveling tourist is visiting the toilet. There are public toilets, but they rarely work. Despite the fact that the toilets are free, the inhabitants and guests of Rome have introduced the custom to leave some little things on the counter of the toilet.You can go to the toilet in the museum, in the bar or in the cafe. In a cafe or bar to visit the restroom, you need to make an order at least for the minimum amount.
There is no problem with drinking water in Rome. So it happened since the times of ancient Rome: on the streets of the city are numerous fountains. Good, clean, tasty water is quite suitable for use in raw form.
If you decide to wash clothes, in Rome it will not be difficult. Laundry-Service laundry network is scattered around the city. Some of these laundries operate on the principle of self-service, in others the employee lays and takes out the laundry. In Laundry-Service it is very easy to figure it out: you need to throw money into the machine, buy powder from another machine and start washing.


Not all tourists come to Rome in order to admire the sights. Many go in order to get the divine pasta and amazing pizza right "first hand." The food was erected in Rome in a cult, and this is not surprising: Italian cuisine is popular all over the world.
In Rome, built a huge number of restaurants, osteria, eateries, cafes. From this variety, you can choose what you like and afford.This cluster of institutions is located in the area adjacent to the Piazza Santa Maria. There is a legend that only there you can try "real" Italian cuisine, although in reality this is certainly not the case.
A quick snack in Rome is coffee with a hot panini sandwich. Rome has a lot of coffee. Espresso and cappuccino are served in any restaurant. Coffee with milk is also popular: “caffe macchiato” (milk is more than coffee) and “espresso macchiato” (some milk and a lot of coffee).

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