How to treat acne rosacea

Rosacea is different from common eels. The main symptoms of the disease is the redness of the face, and the underlying disease is not a blockage of the sebaceous glands, as in the case of ordinary acne, but a violation of the function of the superficial blood vessels of the face. The mechanism of occurrence of rosacea is still not fully understood. Since it is quite difficult to treat acne rosacea, it is better to entrust the treatment to a beautician or a dermatologist. It also happens that the treatment is complicated by the presence in the elements of the rash of parasites such as mites that are not the cause of pink acne, but very complicate the course of the disease. It is for this reason that you should visit a dermatologist before starting treatment to rule out the presence of a tick.



How to treat acne rosacea



Do not believe those who share recipes, how to get rid of rosacea on their own. Better not do it yourself. As a rule, with self-treatment to achieve the desired results is impossible. Treatment of rosacea is always complex, and only a doctor can know what medications you should take inside, and what means you can treat sick sites.There are preventive methods that will not allow the disease to progress and, in combination with the fact that you are prescribed by the doctor, will give a positive result. It is about these methods that will be discussed.


Speaking about how to treat rosacea, it is impossible not to mention the factors that aggravate the disease. If you suffer from this disease, remember that you need to avoid hot flashes to the face. Those. you are contraindicated bath, stay in a hot room, a long stay in the sun, in the wind and frost. In case of severe facial redness, you should use lotion dipped in plant juices and herbal decoctions, which reduce facial irritation and remove redness. Keep in mind - any liquids for lotions used in all forms of rosacea should not be warm or hot, just cool or at room temperature!


Treatment of rosacea can be local or general. In the local treatment of rosacea, various creams and ointments are used, which include ichthyol, metronidazole or naphthalan. Ointments act as antiseptics and inhibit microbes on the skin of the face. Along with the ointments, cold lotions made from medicinal herbs, such as celandine, yarrow, nettle, and plantain are used.Such lotions have an anti-inflammatory effect and reduce facial redness. To treat the main forms of rosacea, antibiotics are often used, but this method of treatment should be prescribed only by a doctor, it is by no means possible to take antibiotics on your own!


Many are interested in how to get rid of rosacea quickly? It will not work out quickly, you must tune in to a complex treatment regimen and be patient. The course of treatment in each case is different - someone manages to recover in a few weeks, and someone heals for months. Many patients go to a specialist when the disease is already turning into a chronic condition. How to treat acne rosacea when the disease is neglected? Unfortunately, in this case it is impossible to do with ointments and tablets, in such cases electrocoagulation, dermabrasion, cryodestruction, laser are successfully used. As a rule, good results are achieved with a combined treatment method, usually two specialists deal with the problem of rosacea.

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