How to treat deforming arthrosis

In case of deforming arthrosis, it is necessary to use special drugs - chondroprotectors. These drugs are prescribed by a specialist, drink their courses. Chondroprotectors contain biologically active substances of cartilage, which improve the metabolism in the sore joint, as a result, the process of its destruction is slowed down. Similar preparations set, the concrete chooses the attending physician. Here are the most popular products: rumalon, arthron, arteparon, mucartin, teraflex.
For very severe pain associated with severe forms of deforming arthrosis, proteolytic enzyme inhibitors are prescribed. This means such as trasilol and gordox. They are administered by injection into the joint every 2-3 days, mixed with hydrocorticone, but before it is given Dimedrol injection intramuscularly.
Also for the treatment of deforming arthrosis, artificial joint lubrication is used.This allows the two joints to interact more painlessly with each other, as a result of which not only pain but also cartilage deformation is reduced. The artificial lubricant is usually polyvinylpyrrolidone or its 6% solution. Injections are carried out once a week, polyvinylpyrrolidone is mixed with hydrocortisone. The course ranges from one month to one and a half.
With a deforming arthrosis, it is important to speed up the metabolism in the affected joint. To do this, use various drugs, for example, phosphaden or potassium orotate.

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