How to treat gastritis folk remedies at home

First of all, you need to adjust the diet. With this disease should abandon fast food, carbonated beverages and spicy foods. It is also best not to eat too cold or too hot food. Alcohol and cigarettes should also be abandoned or at least reduced.

folk remedy for the treatment of gastritis reviews

Effective treatment of gastritis folk remedies

  1. From gastritis at home can help herbal gathering of chamomile, yarrow, mint and sage. It is best to brew such tea in a thermos so that the herbs are infused. It is necessary to drink broth before food twice a day.
  2. There is another recipe collection. It consists of valerian, mint and orange peel. It is best to drink this broth for the night, since both mint and valerian have a sedative effect.
  3. For any diseases of the digestive system oatmeal is good. If you suffer from gastritis, then cook it more often.To improve the taste, you can add nuts, dried fruits and honey to porridge. You can also periodically cook oatmeal pudding.
  4. Do not forget about aloe juice, which appears in many recipes as an effective folk remedy for the treatment of gastritis, reviews of it among people are mostly positive. To alleviate the symptoms of gastritis, you need to drink 1-2 tablespoons of this wonderful plant juice half an hour before meals. After about 1.5 months, you should take a short break.
  5. The positive effect has a plantain. It is possible to use both infusion, and juice. Take and juice, and infusion need a few tablespoons a day. Of course, it is worth remembering that it is not necessary to collect the plantain growing close to the city.
  6. The rhizome of calamus has useful properties. Insist calamus need about 20 minutes and drink before meals. By the way, calamus will be useful not only for gastritis, but also for colitis. And calamus tincture prepared at home will be a good prevention of gum inflammation.
  7. Also always keep next to the usual tea - oregano. It has a good effect, moreover, it is pleasant to the taste. It can be bought at almost any pharmacy.The only contraindication is pregnancy. Oregano can cause uterine bleeding, due to which miscarriage can occur.

gastritis treatment of folk remedies

It is worth remembering that with gastritis, treatment with folk remedies is good, but if you have a chronic form, you should definitely see a qualified specialist.

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