How to treat migraine folk remedies

You will need
  • - decoction of meadow clover flowers;
  • - a leaf of white cabbage;
  • - juice of fresh potatoes;
  • - Melissa;
  • - peppermint;
  • - Oregano;
  • - Thistle narrow-leaved;
  • - Valerian.
A decoction of flowers of meadow clover will help to "push" the oncoming attack of migraine. It is done this way: one tablespoon of flowers is poured with a glass of boiling water, the infusion should be taken an hour after preparation three times a day for half a cup.
Not bad to use another folk remedy that helps to fight pain. Take a quarter of a glass of fresh potato juice whenever your head starts to hurt.
Very popular with folk healers is lemon balm, the herb that is included in most recipes. To treatmigraineshould be filled into a glass of boiling water at least three tablespoons of the plant and insist for an hour. Drink the solution during the day 2-3 tablespoons.
Treatmigrainefolkby meanssometimes it can be more effective than medication. It is well known that taking medication, you risk harm to the health of the gastrointestinal tract. There are many special fees to help relieve a migraine attack. If you mix peppermint, oregano, and narrow-leaved fireweed (1 tbsp of each plant), pour 300 ml of boiling water over the mixture and leave for one and a half hours, you can get a healing infusion, which should be drunk if necessary.
A decoction of Valerian drug can also be treated for headaches. One tablespoon of the crushed plant root is filled with 200 g of boiling water, then the mixture must be boiled for a quarter of an hour in a water bath. Pre-filtered and infused broth is taken three times a day in a tablespoon.
A tablespoon of this collection is poured with boiling water and, after infusion, take fragrant gulls 1-2 cups a day. This folk remedy not only saves from migraines, but also has a relaxing and soothing effect on the entire body. Warning: if the headache attacks are systematic, before treating a migraine with folk remedies, a neurologist will need to be consulted - pain can be a symptom of a serious illness!
Helpful advice
Treatment of migraine folk remedies. With a migraine attack, use painkillers and hypnotics. You can take hot foot baths, sometimes put hot compresses on your head, apply tight tightening of the head, hot drink. To date, there is no cure for migraine once and for all. But migraine is one of the few diseases that can be successfully treated with folk remedies and changes in their lifestyle.

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