How to treat oral dermatitis

First of all it is necessary to understand that without a definite treatment, such a disease as oraldermatitiswill not pass. On the face of a rash can last from one month to one year.
The main stage in the treatmentdermatitisand the oral type is the complete exclusion from the use of any cosmetics intended specifically for the skin of the face. In particular, the ban concern steroid cream. It is worth noting that if you used them for a while, then after stopping, the amount of rash can increase dramatically. However, do not panic. Such an increase will be observed for several days, after which it will decline.
For daily cleaning of the face, use only water. From any soap, even without the smell and color, it is worth refraining.
According to many dermatologists, in some cases, and for prevention is better in all, it is necessary to exclude from the use and means to care for the oral cavity, which in its composition have fluoride. Those. Fluorinated toothpaste is also not recommended for some time.
After the rash has passed, some time is also worth adhering to the restrictions regarding cosmetics, otherwise it may appear again.
During treatment, many experts remind about the psychological factor. Actually, oraldermatitisThis is a disease that even with intensive treatment in the first weeks does not go away.

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