How to turn childhood into the most serene time of life

How to turn childhood into the most serene time of lifeAnd you want to say that childhood is the most serene time of life? How to turn childhood into a happy time?



Family man

The behavior of the child in the parent family and the creation of a model of a future family.

1. Identification with the parent of the opposite sex.

2. Transfer of libido from the parent of the opposite sex.

3. Creating an image of a future partner.



Attitude towards oneself and others, the ability to share feelings, to express feelings.


Robinson Crusoe

Biological survival skills. Columbus

Mastering the world, the expansion of consciousness.

Intellectual development of the world Leader, boss, leader

The ability to find a worthy place in the hierarchy, the ability to lead others.


Communication with society

Identification with culture

Identification with religion


Just see what the most complicated psychological programs the brain of a small child has to do!

What a tremendous job a baby should do in order to only correspond to the concept of “normally developing child”.And of course, he is not able to do this work alone, without the participation of parents, without the help of his family.


Ideally, the bookmark of these roles occurs in the preschool years.

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