How to update a clay flower pot

With the onset of spring, not only nature awakens, but also the desire to create. If at your disposal was an old clay pot for flowers, you are incredibly lucky. It is these texture flowerpots that are valued in fashionable Scandinavian interiors. But if your aesthetic perception differs from the descendants of the Vikings, and the old pot does not evoke the desire to decorate yourself with a window sill, then this master class will show how to turn it into a stylish piece of furniture.Materials for work:
  • 1. Pot for plants;
  • 2. Putty;
  • 3. Sandpaper is fine-grained,
  • 4. Acrylic primer and paints (silver, purple, white);
  • 5. Craquelure varnish;
  • 6. Masking tape;
  • 7. Scissors, pencil;
  • 8. Lacquer ball

Sequence of work

To start, we clean the pot, if necessary we rub, carefully wash and dry.
How to update a clay flower pot
Using a small spatula or hands, we put the putty, trying to distribute it evenly throughout the pot,and leave to dry.
How to update a clay flower pot
Using fine-grained sandpaper, smooth the surface, and in order not to sneeze from dust, it is better to wear a medical mask.
How to update a clay flower pot
We cover the pot with white acrylic primer and wait for drying.
How to update clay flower pot
Paint it with silver paint in two or three layers. How to update a clay flower pot
Moving on to the crucial moment. Now we need to determine how much and how wide the strips will be on the pots, so we measure the circumference of the pot, divide by the required number of strips. We mark with a pencil the places of their future location and with masking tape we glue every second strip. This will help make them smoother.
How to update a clay flower pot
Apply a one-component craquelure varnish and set aside pots for a couple of hours.
How to update a clay flower pot
Mix white and violet paint until a gentle pastel shade.Slightly touching the pot, we check if the varnish is dry. If your finger barely sticks to the surface, you can apply color paint. The brush should be kept only in one direction, and note that the thicker the layer, the larger the cracks.
How to update the clay flower pot
Remove the masking tape, cover the entire surface of the pots with spray paint. Using a brush and lacquer from a can is not recommended in order to avoid damage to the crackle effect.
How to update a clay flower pot
Our product is ready! Such a pot will perfectly fit into the interior of a bedroom, nursery or kitchen. Geranium, flowering kalanchoe, clivia, and balsam are best for growing in it. Sansevieria, echeveria and cactus will also look good. If the pots are planned to be placed in the kitchen, then you can plant it with rosemary, mint or lavender.

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