How to view the history of visits?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
April 23, 2013
How to view the history of visits?

Each of us uses different browsers to visit the Internet, but not everyone has an idea of ​​all the possibilities offered by one or another user browser. Any experienced Internet user can easily identify all the sites visited by everyone, knowing the simple secret of how to view the history of visits. This feature allows you to keep track of all online user visits. For example, if you entrust your computer to someone else, you can later see which pages were visited on the Internet, but only if the story is not cleaned. You can also check the walk on the internet of children and so on. So this browser feature can be both beneficial and harmful for the user. For those who do not know how to use it, open this interesting secret.

How to view the history of visits in various browsers

In different browsers, this procedure is done in almost the same way.

  • For example, in the Mozilla FireFox browser, you can open the log of visits to all sites by selecting the “Log” section in the top menu, and then select the “Show full log” option. Now you can view all the web pages that were visited from this computer.
  • How to view the history of visiting sites, for example, in Opera? Very simple. To do this, just open the “History” item in the main menu. At this point, the sites will be sorted depending on when they were visited - today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, or earlier. The history of site visits can be cleared both in Opera browser and in others.
  • As for the Internet Explorer browser, there is also no difficulty in asking how to find out the history of visiting sites. We act according to the standard plan, as the story can be found in the main menu.

It is worth adding that there is another little secret how to find the history of visiting sites. This method further simplifies this process. Just press the key combination Ctrl H. And this scheme works in every browser. Clicking this command opens the history of visits to all sites from this computer.

As you can see, browsing the sites is not difficult at all.

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