How to visually reduce the waist?

What makes an attractive and beautiful woman? That's right, the wasp waist! But what if this part of the body is not perfect? How to visually make the waist more delicate and feminine? For you, several effective ways.

We are acting radically

Significantly reduce the volume of the waist only visually does not work, so you need to act in other directions. Let us dwell on the important points in more detail.

Sport will help you

How should you eat?

First of all, evaluate and change your diet. Here are the basic principles:

  • Eat a fraction. This means that there should be at least 4-6 meals per day, but the portions should be small. The break between meals should not exceed 3-4 hours. Buy a small plate for yourself and use it only to control the volume of servings, which ideally should be 200-250 grams.
  • Minimize the consumption of fatty, sweet, flour and fried. All this not only spoils the waist and the whole figure as a whole, but is also unhealthy.
  • Eat more vegetables, berries and fruits, dairy and dairy products, legumes, cereals and cereals, lean fish and meat.
  • Cooking all foods is best done in healthy and dietary ways. Cooking, stewing, baking and steaming are permissible. Forget about frying!
  • Be sure to eat foods that improve digestion: fruits and vegetables rich in fiber (these include beets, radishes, zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkins, peaches, apples, etc.), as well as dairy products (kefir, yogurt, yogurt, ryazhenka).
  • Do not eat at night! The last meal should be done 2-3 hours before bedtime.


You can perform exercises that will help make more thin and highlight the waist. Here are the most effective:

  • Twist the hoop. It is better to buy hula-hat with massage balls. Exercise daily for 15-30 minutes, and in a month you will see the results.
  • The slopes will help. Lean in different directions, forward and backward.
  • Sit on the floor, spread your arms to the sides, and spread your legs as far as possible. Slowly turn the case to the left as far as possible. Hold the final position, return to the starting position. Turn the other way.Just perform 20-40 repetitions.

How to visually make the waist more thin: little tricks

So, how to visually reduce the waist? There are several ways to do this, we will tell you more about each of them.

Choose clothing size

If you think that if you buy a thing that is one size smaller, you will look smaller, then you are greatly mistaken! In fact, everything is just the opposite. Fitting things, on the contrary, make visible and obvious all the flaws.

Wear a belt

So your waistline will look ridiculous, you will emphasize everything that you do not need to highlight. Therefore, choose the size correctly. Clothes should not be overly tight. Put on a thing, move in it. You should be free and easy. If you feel constrained, measure the thing a size larger.

Correct tissue

Pay special attention to the choice of fabrics from which the clothes are sewn. Do not choose synthetic stretch fabrics. Do not buy products from knitwear, especially from thin, because many of them are suitable only for girls with a perfect figure.


Also, you will have to abandon iridescent and shiny materials, because the brilliance will add volume and exacerbate the situation. Forget about the bulk textured materials.It is best to choose thick fabrics. They will help to hide the flaws and, with the right cut, highlight the merits.

Colors and prints

Light tones are full, and in most cases this is true (there are exceptions, but more on that later). So it is better to choose clothes of deep, dark and noble colors: blue, emerald, burgundy, chocolate, black, purple.

Skirt trapezoid

As for the drawings, they should be small and not too catchy. But from the large bright drawings you have to give up, they will draw attention to the waist and visually increase it. About the strip and peas forget it is not the best options.

Choosing the right things

The right style can work wonders and change the shape beyond recognition. Here are a few options for aspen waist:

  • If you have a slim figure, but the waist is not expressed, then by all means buy a sheath dress with a basque. You will look feminine, and the waist will become feminine and delicate.
  • New look dresses and skirts are just made for you! Volumetric flared bottom and tight laconic top - this is what will accentuate your waistline and make the image romantic and feminine.
  • Pay attention to the skirts and dresses with the smell, they also suit you.
  • A fitted jacket will turn you into a real lady with an aspen waist.
  • Choose models with a free bottom, skintight top and a pronounced waist.
  • You can approach things with voluminous top, for example, with frills or ruffles in the chest area.
  • Lush skirts with an overstated waist will be relevant.
  • Pay attention to trousers and jeans with an overstated waist.
  • A pencil skirt also helps to make the waist more slender.

Choosing the right clothes

Properly chosen underwear will also help reduce the waist. You can buy slimming high panties or a belt that will remove all the excess. A bra with voluminous cups will make the chest more pronounced, which will visually reduce the waist.

Correctly choose things

A few more tricks and secrets

Little secrets and tricks:

  1. Use the straps! A belt in contrasting color will help emphasize the waist. But if the waist is very voluminous, give up thin straps. By the way, in this case, you can choose a light-colored dress and set it off with a black belt (this is just the exception to the rule that light-colored ones).
  2. Ideal is the combination of a dark bottom and a light top.The waist will surely become thinner!
  3. Be sure to wear corsets!
  4. Inserts in a contrasting color on the sides will make your waist incredibly thin, so pay attention to this detail.
  5. Select other parts of the body. For example, open the legs or conquer all the deep cleavage. Then the waist will seem more thin.

Look amazing and conquer the opposite sex!

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