How to warm the room

You will need
  • polystyrene or any insulation for wall covering, wooden slats or a metal profile for making the framework, ordinary drywall for finishing cladding.
First, get all the necessary building materials for work: foam or any insulation for wall covering, wooden slats or a metal profile to make the framework, and ordinary plasterboard will be suitable for finishing cladding. Polyfoam has good thermal insulation and low price, these qualities can also be attributed to the drywall. After that, make sure that there are no molds on the walls, various kinds of smudges and dampness. If there are these flaws, fix them.
Clean the work surface and cover all the gaps with putty. Carefully handle the wall with special impregnation. To improve the safety of the tree, paint the slats with ordinary paint. Place them on the surface horizontally and vertically at a distance of 60 cm between them. This value is convenient because the standard width of drywall is 120 cm.
Apply whitewash to the wall with copper sulfate to prevent mold and sanitize the surface. After drying, lay between the resulting frame foam or any other insulation. Wrap the resulting construction carefully with sheets of drywall. To do this, purchase self-tapping screws with a length of about 30-40 cm. Make sure that the pitch between the mounts is no more than half a meter. Carefully putty all the joints between the sheets and the wall.

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