How to wear clothes with animal print?

Want to be unique and original? Then pay attention to the animal print in clothes, it will make the image bold and creative. But you will be able to look stunning only if you know a few rules and tricks.

A bit of history

An animal print appeared a long time ago, when our ancestors began to use animal skins for tailoring. But in modern fashion, she appeared thanks to Yves Saint Laurent, who always loved and promoted to the masses everything unusual, feminine and creative. Animalistic motifs remain relevant for several seasons in a row, only undergoing some changes and additions.

What is fashionable and relevant?

The most current prints of 2015:

  • Perhaps the most fashionable and popular print is a leopard. He captured the podiums and fashion houses and the "donkey" on a variety of items of clothing, shoes and accessories. Leopard - it is bold, original and sexy.But it is worth a little to overdo it, and the image will become screaming, ridiculous, or even vulgar. So it is better to be careful.
  • Tiger print is also in fashion. He is no less distinctive, but still more restrained.
  • Another trend of the season is imitation of reptile skin. Such a print is more calm, feminine and elegant than the previous one, but it can also overload the image. Reptile skin is suitable for those who wish to emphasize their individuality, but do not want to look too bright.
  • Other patterns are no less popular, for example, stripes of zebra or giraffe spots. They look fresh and sometimes funny, so they are suitable for creating a youth image.
  • This year, 3D drawings featuring tigers, leopards and other animals are very popular. This print looks bright and stylish. And if you want to stand out from the crowd, then give preference to drawing with some unusual and not the most common animal, for example, with a monkey, a bear, a sloth or a fur seal. Attention you will be provided!

As for colors, this season designers preferred to move away for classic and peculiar natural tones,so you can see animalistic prints in the most vivid and unexpected colors, such as blue, orange, pink, red, purple, on the store shelves. In addition, the trend of black and white combinations.

Who is suitable?

Animal print is not for everyone, it's a fact. If you are a brave person, then you can easily afford it, because animalistic motifs attract attention and attract views. And for this reason, a modest or notorious girl in clothes with such a pattern will feel uncomfortable and experience discomfort.

In this case, you must either abandon the animal prints, or become confident and more open. If in doubt, do not purchase clothes with an animal print, but restrict accessory. Then get shoes. When you feel "at ease", go to the full bright things.

It is worth writing about relevance. Animal drawings are not always appropriate, although experienced women of fashion know that it is worth choosing the right thing and learning how to correctly combine it, and it can become universal. And yet in the office to wear such things is not recommended.Although if the dress code is lax, then you can choose a sheath dress of a strict and simple cut with a snake or tiger print.

A blouse of the same color will do if you combine it with a strict pencil skirt. But such drawings as a leopard, ZD-prints, zebra and giraffe spots should be left for parties. For official events, choose a discreetly colored garment. If you chose a leopard, then let it be dark, and the thing itself - elegant and feminine.

How to wear clothes with a print?

How and with what to wear clothes with an animal print correctly to look like a simple lady, but a real stylish lady?

The basic rules that will help you look bright and original, but at the same time feminine and elegant:

  1. Remember that the leopard print itself is a bright accent, so it does not require additional “reinforcement”. If you chose a thing of this color, then the rest of the kit should be more relaxed and restrained, best of all monophonic. Dark tones will make the image more calm and feminine, and light ones will refresh it.
  2. If you want to buy a piece of clothing with an animal print, then pay attention to the models of simple or even strict cut.Animal patterns themselves make the thing bright, and if it is difficult to tailor, the image can become overloaded and too elaborate.
  3. Combine no more than two things with animalistic patterns. In addition, remember that these should be patterns of the same direction, and not different patterns. And prints must be of different sizes. For example, if you choose a blouse with a large pattern, then the print on the shoes, skirt, pants, coat or bag should be large. In this case, do not forget to separate two things if they are nearby. You can do this with a strap (if you wear a blouse and trousers of similar colors) or a scarf (if you combine a dress and coat with an animal print).
  4. Pay special attention to the quality of the material and its features. First, choose expensive and high-quality fabrics, since substandard things will make a thing vulgar, vulgar or ridiculous. Secondly, it is better to give preference to dense and non-stretchable fabrics, otherwise the print may "float" and deteriorate. Third, choose simple materials, since animal patterns themselves are complex and if they are combined with intricate textures, the image will seem overloaded and variegated.
  5. Remember that an animal print first draws attention, and second, it can add volume.So wear things with such a pattern on the part of the body that you can or want to emphasize. So, if you have magnificent hips, then give up the pants and skirts with animal patterns. Better choose a bright blouse.
  6. The thing should fit you and sit perfectly.

How not to wear?

Several taboos:

  • Never combine several different prints in one set, it will look bright, absolutely not stylish and extremely ridiculous.
  • Even if you chose one particular print, it should not be too much in the kit. You should not combine more than two things with an animal painting. In addition, prints should not be exactly the same. If you choose both shoes and clothes with an animal print, the set will look like a fancy dress.
  • Choosing accessories, do not overdo it. One item with an animal pattern will suffice. This can be a bracelet, handbag or neck scarf.
  • Do not combine animal patterns with bright colors, otherwise they will simply be lost in the riot of colors, and you will look ridiculous.
  • Do not mix animalistic prints with floral, geometric, ethnic, oriental and others.
  • Do not complement the thing manicure in the same style.
  • Do not choose too frank clothing (short skirts, dresses with a deep neckline), otherwise you will look vulgar.

Wear things with animal patterns correctly to look perfect!

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