How to weave baubles: for beginners?

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How to weave baubles: for beginners?

Even in antiquity, the Indians exchanged among themselves hand-made bracelets-baubles as a sign of friendship. The tradition has been forgotten, but the bracelets themselves are not. Over time, they even changed, new manufacturing techniques appeared. How to learn to make baubles, you will learn from our article.

Satin Ribbon Bracelet

Let's start with one of the most simple techniques and analyze how to weave baubles from ribbons. For beginners, this is the fastest bracelet making option. To get started, take two narrow satin ribbons of different colors and a pin. So:

  1. Lighter or matches handle the ends of the ribbons so that they do not dissolve. We fold one of the ribbons in half and skip the second color ribbon through it. In our case, we used blue and pink colors. Fix the top of the bauble with a pin to any surface.
  2. Getting started weaving. We fold the pink ribbon in half and pass the blue ribbon through it.And so we continue the weaving, until you get a bauble of the desired length. Secure the end with a simple knot.
  3. You have a lovely bracelet made of ribbons. With due diligence, learning how to make baubles is a snap.

For more information about creating baubles from ribbons, see the article How to weave ribbons.

Beaded baubles

Weaving beads from beads is not only fast, but also very interesting. For beginners, you can choose an option that is simple in execution. To get started, prepare a thin line and beads of several colors. Instead of fishing line, you can use a thread, the edges of which are smeared with white glue. It is worth noting that such a bauble will be less strong.

  1. We recommend weaving baubles for beginners from two types of beads. When you understand the principle of weaving, you can experiment with colors. On the basis of baubles (fishing line or string) we string one bead and push it into the middle.
  2. We take beads of a different color and put on two more on the sides of the first bead. We promote them to her.
  3. Take a bead of the same color as the first. String it on both ends so that they pass through it towards each other.
  4. At each end add a bead of the second color. We promote them to the previous one.
  5. Again, take the bead of the first color and pass both ends through it,Baublesas we did in the 3rd paragraph. We continue to work until the desired length Fenichka.

The article describes simple options that are ideal for practicing skills in making baubles. If you want to learn how to weave baubles with names, first draw a bauble with the desired name on the paper, count the number of rows. After this, make a bauble on a ready-made layout.

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