How windows are made

At the initial stage, the finished glass is cut for the window in accordance with certain parameters for which the order has been received. Cutting is done on special machines. Cut the glass into the washer.
After washing, the installation of the distance frames. Each window consists of two or three glasses, between which are installed limiters made of aluminum or steel. Inside the resulting frame are instilled insulating substances created on the basis of silicogen. It allows you to absorb moisture entering the interglass space.
The framework performs a sealing procedure, i.e. applying a special hermetic composition in several layers using special equipment. Each glass unit is numbered and delivered to the workshop for the assembly of plastic construction.
The plastic profile is manufactured using powdered or granulated PVC composition on a special extrusion line in accordance with the parameters specified by the customer.The molten mass of PVC is extruded into special shapes and cooled. The resulting profiles are cut using a special saw or cutting machine.
The cut pieces of the profile are sealed by heating the plastic to the melting temperature. After giving the appropriate shape, holes are made for fittings and locks. Then the necessary mechanisms are attached to the profile.
The double-glazed window is installed on the reinforced base, which is made of steel and serves to strengthen the window structure. Then the design is installed in the finished profiles on a special sealing rubber to avoid gaps in the product. Rubber is attached with a special glue.
Finished products are marked and sent to the warehouse, from where it is delivered to the consumer.

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