Hurry up to see the biggest blue topaz in the world

Will travel to London, do not be lazy to look into the museum of natural history. From October 19 there can be considered (and try not to be blinded by the brilliance of the faces) the famous blue Topaz The Ostro Stone, weighing 9,381 carats (with an ostrich egg, no less!). The owner of the stone 15 cm long and 10.5 cm wide - entrepreneur and philanthropist Maurice Ostro - inherited it from his father-researcher. According to a family legend, setting off in 1986 to the tropical forests of Brazil, Indiana Jones Max Ostro did not know that he would find a real treasure.

Blue topaz is exhibited for the first time, and its value can only be guessed at (according to the most conservative estimates, it is estimated at millions of dollars).

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