“I'll lose weight by the summer!”, Or How to choose the right “slimming” wardrobe

I'll lose weight by the summer!

This phrase is familiar to every woman. And she does not depend on the size of this woman, even thin and skinny women give themselves such promises. They are not connected with weight, they are connected with self-confidence and with what a woman sees, going to the mirror. This is what our conversation will go about, what we see going to the mirror.

I belong to the glorious cohort of pyshechek women, we are the majority in the vast expanses of the Motherland, and we are pleased with ourselves. Understand me correctly, if we were truly unhappy - we would lose weight, if we were not satisfied with ourselves - we would not be so much.

But to be pleased with yourself, and to be pleased with what you see in the mirror are two big differences, as they say in Odessa. Then I propose to walk along Deribasovskaya gradually, and for a start to deal with the reflection in the mirror.

Spring comes, we change our wardrobe from winter to demi-season.It's time to evaluate and adjust. We will do this with specific examples, so as not to be unfounded.

The first example. Skirt and pullover.

The most everyday is the most working option. And the most common confidence is a longer skirt, a longer pullover. The elongated proportions thin, the longer - the thinner. And no!

As you can see in the picture, we ladies do not lose weight, long skirts and voluminous long pullovers, even of dark color. Do not lose weight. And lose the right proportions.

If the bottom line of the pullover is below the hip line, the legs appear shorter and the trunk is longer and, as a result, larger. The same happens with the bottom line of the skirt. If it is below the knee, it “eats away” the length at the legs and makes them thicker.

Pay attention to the tight fitting pullover, sleeve length, more feminine shoes and a V-neck. And “oh, miracle!” - the woman on the right is one and a half times visually thinner, the woman on the left. Although we know - this is the same woman! Well, you see, such a fast version of “losing weight” warms the soul by the summer.

Someone will achieve this effect with their pens (alter, hem, shorten). Someone will achieve his wallet (shops - our everything!). Someone will ask a friend, mother, sister, daughter. Girls, we will find a way!

Another trifle: the fact that we are wrapped in a dark color, something that is free on us can be made lighter.

Let's go further!

An example of the second. Trousers and pullover (T-shirt).

The rules that we understand for the skirt and pullover work here. The bottom line of the pullover is higher, pull the pullover itself, the shoes - at a suitable heel for you, V-neck. All these points are repeated, but there is something new - the proportions of the pants!

Trousers "spaghetti", "in the shape", "second skin" - not our option, girls! Alas, they have to really lose weight. Our salvation is a classic, and even better it will be longer, even if it is not very fashionable in some seasons. But how stretches the legs.

And pants - dark! Since the pullover now does not hide our dimensions, but underlines our advantages, we give the role of “shelter” to color. Pants are by no means bright, not screaming and - God forbid! - not body color! And if the shoes and trousers of the same color - even better, it visually additionally lengthens the legs, and will change our proportions in the direction of "thinner"!

So, two examples behind and eating a few rules working with any option - skirt, trouser - it does not matter!

Example three. Dresses, sundresses.

I do not know about you - I adore sundresses! This, in my opinion, is amazingly feminine and attracts attention, even if the sundress is not bright. I love long sundresses on the floor. And in vain, as I understood from the following picture.

The rules we found work here. It is long, cut, the underlined waist. You can, of course, notice that the woman in the photo is not pyshechka at all. But it only expands the work of our rules on all women, that's all. What is true with normal, and with us-donuts is true.

Another detail - shoes should be cut off as little as possible, the boats - the most advantageous option for a bare leg, or legs in pantyhose.

I made two conclusions for myself.

The first - discrete clothing is a better option for women of my body size. If there is a choice - a dress or a set, then choose a set. Trouser or skirt - not important. Choose a set.

Second - forgive long free sundresses, I look in you like a deck for honey - impressive, but not feminine.

So, we have considered all the basics of our wardrobe, we will start to complicate it.

Add to the basics of outerwear, and check to see if our rules work with her.

Example Four. Skirt base plus jacket.

We agree immediately, we wear jackets, men - jackets. This is a division by gender, and we shine a jacket to wear, only if we freeze, we will remove it from her husband. And even then I am not sure that somewhere deep inside himself at this moment he will not accept the thought that he is now a jacket ...

Check the rules we found. The length of the skirt is. Underlined waist - there is. Monochrome legs - is present. Everything that fits - dark color. Heel - lengthens the leg. Cutout - the shape of V, note how the proportions of the collar of the turtleneck extends. Goodbye divers! How can I hide my complexes without you!

Bonus addition to the rule - if you are in outerwear, then a pullover or blouse can be light.

Conclusion - the rules are true for outerwear.

Consider the trouser version.

The fifth example. A trouser base plus a jacket.

I will not even clarify. The rules work, and it pleases. You can get your wardrobe and carry out a revision with a passion, and it will bring a noticeable result.

And believe me, the rules work so well that they are skinny as well as us.

Here is an example.

You see how thin the person can gain a few pounds, simply by choosing the wrong clothes.

And finally, our examples in one picture. I saved my desktop and checked every day.

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