Ideas after which you will not throw out cardboard boxes

How and what to decorate cardboard boxes?


Not all boxes have an elegant design and are suitable for interior decoration, but it is quite fixable. Anyone who has a little free time, patience and inspiration can make an exclusive carton box.

To do this, fit the most ordinary materials that are found in every home:

Wallpaper and wrapping paper.There are remnants of wallpaper in each apartment, where at least once there was a repair. When working with wallpaper, you need to stock up with double-sided tape and white glue.
The cloth.Unnecessary sweater, an old skirt, stretched pants - all these garments will also be useful when decorating boxes. And skillfully using them you can turn unnecessary things into an exclusive piece of decorative art.
Burlap and jute.These materials are not everyone's, but they can come in handy if you want to decorate the box in an environmental or Provencal style.

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