In what and in what color to celebrate the New 2019?

It is necessary to think over the New Year's outfit in advance, and therefore probably many of the fair sex are already puzzled over what to wear to celebrate the New Year 2019. Certain rules are dictated by the symbolism of the year, then you should also take into account current fashion trends.

Color spectrum

To begin the selection of attire must, of course, with the color gamut. The symbol of the coming 2019 year will be the Yellow Earth Pig, and this means that the colors must be appropriate, but there are still a lot of options, so everyone will find something suitable.

Variation of colors for the New Year's celebration:

  • shades of yellow: banana, bright lemon, noble mustard, in general, all existing;
  • Golden, giving the image a special charm and luxury;
  • natural nude (beige) shades, but they are not for everyone, but only for tanned beauties with dark skin;
  • sand, the color of coffee with milk;
  • noble terracotta;
  • chocolate, wood, a shade of cocoa and other tones of brown color.

You can experiment with the intensity of colors, their different tones, saturation.It is also allowed saturated green, indirectly related to the earth element. If none of the listed tones suit you, then choose neutral, namely gray, black and white. But they require bright accessories related to the current range.

Not only plain outfits are welcome, but also complemented with prints. Give up animalistic patterns, they go out of fashion and often look aggressive and ridiculous. But in the trend all floral and floral patterns, and they are ways to give an image of femininity, romance and daydreaming.

Tip! It is not necessary to choose a monophonic outfit: you can create an image in which two shades will be combined. By the way, the colors suitable for the 2019 meeting of the year are in perfect harmony with each other: chocolate with yellow, beige with bright yellow, brown with golden.

Suitable materials

The material can be any, but keep in mind that the symbol of the year Pig loves beauty and wealth, so expensive and even luxurious materials are preferable: velvet, silk, brocade, chiffon. But the material must be of high quality, not rough, pleasant to the touch and well breathing, because the celebration of the New Year involves active movements, dances and being in a room filled with people, in which it can be stuffy.

For your information! In the trend of combined outfits of different fabrics, as well as models with inserts of lace, guipure, mesh, leather and other materials.

What outfit to choose?

What and how to celebrate the new 2019 year, which will come under the sign of the Pig? It is believed that all ladies should certainly be in dresses, but this stereotype has long been broken, and the festive trends of the coming year confirm this, so the choice is truly great:

  1. Dress. This is the traditional version, and such a thing really changes the fair sex and gives femininity, so that it is worthy of respect. The styles can be very different, and the choice should be made taking into account the features of the figure in order to emphasize all its advantages in a profitable and beautiful way. In the trend of the model with a fluffy hem of the length of the midi or maxi. In fashion and dresses with plumes that look just amazing! Slender ladies can afford a fitting or tight fit. Still remain relevant and cases. And the length of the mini is also quite acceptable, but it should not be extreme and overly frank.
  2. The overalls fit perfectly if the corporate is planned.Firstly, it looks stylish, elegant and not defiant at all. Secondly, it is convenient to move actively in it, without worrying about the fact that something slides or zadrёtsya somewhere. Pants can be narrowed ankle-length, flared from the knee or thigh, or even shortened.
  3. Pants are also appropriate, but on the New Year they must certainly be bright and beautiful. Complement them with a lightweight, flowing blouse with luxurious décor. Also suitable and beautiful top.
  4. Skirt. The choice of models is huge: a sexy "pencil", an elegant maxi in the floor, a romantic flared midi in the style of "new look", a short straight or trapezoid. Under the skirt pick up a beautiful festive blouse.
  5. Ready for experiments and surprised looks? Then wear New Year's shorts! But not everyday, but beautiful festive: with an inflated waist and a smell in the front, imitating a skirt, flared to the knees or others. Complement them with a top or blouse. And this outfit is suitable for a family dinner, as it is comfortable and not hot.


A simple laconic style is definitely not for the New Year, and the Pig loves abundance and splendor, so it's worth choosing outfits with decorative elements such as:

  • glitters: silvery, golden or iridescent in different tones and sparkling;
  • various embroidery of silk or gold thread;
  • voluminous ruffles (but they should be present where appropriate, for example, in places where there is a lack of volume);
  • inserts of lace, guipure, mesh;
  • sewn beads and stones;
  • Bows, embodying romanticism and a kind of naivety, which any representative of the fair sex in a fabulous New Year's Eve definitely will not hurt.

Accessories and shoes

The outfit can and should be supplemented with accessories, without fear of overdoing. But still, if the dress is already luxurious and overloaded with decorative elements, there will be no need for additional decorations, and they will make the image too motley and tasteless. And if the image is elegant and unkempt, complete it with accessories.


  • In some cases, it is appropriate to emphasize the waist strap with a bright beautiful plaque.
  • Under the evening dress pick up luxurious gloves or mitts;
  • Choose a set of jewelry, and it can even be a beautiful high-quality jewelry, and the more brilliance and iridescence, the better: Yellow Earth Pig will appreciate this for sure.Get a necklace, necklace or beads, wear luxurious earrings and a bracelet. The hand can decorate the ring. But it is better to wear two jewels at the same time, or a maximum of three, if the image is laconic and restrained.
  • Choose a beautiful clutch bag, an original handbag-box or an elegant envelope. Discard coarse and bulky bags.

Shoe can never go out of fashion elegant shoes, but also fit shoes with a stable heel with a platform or a wedge.


Tips for last:

  1. When choosing a dress, consider the orientation and status of the New Year event, contingent and dress code, if any. For example, a cocktail dress or jumpsuit fits for a party, and for a social event choose an evening dress.
  2. Choose comfortable and fit things so as not to experience discomfort and not worry because of the likelihood of embarrassment and unpleasant situations.
  3. The final touches of the image are the make-up and hairstyle, so think them over carefully.

It remains only to wish in New Year's Eve 2019 to look stunning and feel 100%!

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