Interesting places to see in Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia. This city has absorbed the spirit of many centuries of existence and perfectly combines modern buildings with architectural structures of historical value. This is a multifaceted place in which every traveler will find a place for the soul.

City beyond time

Regardless of whether you decide to travel on your own or join a group of tourists headed by a guide, you need to begin your acquaintance with Riga, of course, from the historical part.

Old city.This is the most beautiful part of Riga. It is here that you will see the familiar tiled roofs, narrow streets, pavement under your feet. Be sure to take a look at the Dome Cathedral to hear the divine sound of the organ, and walk along the famous Jauniel Street, where they filmed scenes for such Soviet films as “17 Moments of Spring” and “Sherlock Holmes”.

In the Old Town is also worth finding another attraction -House with black catswhich you can see in the photo.It was built in the early 20th century by the famous architect Friedrich Scheffel in the Art Nouveau style. Latvians will gladly tell you a rather scandalous story related to him. A certain merchant tried unsuccessfully to join the guild, and after another refusal he decided to put on the roof of his own house figures of cats, which he turned to the guild with his back. Such an act was perceived as the deepest insult, and the guild members filed a lawsuit in court. But he was powerless, and the merchant was nevertheless accepted into their ranks, after which he agreed to deploy the cats face.

And also, walking through the Old Town, you will surely come acrossa monument to the Bremen musicians.As in the case of other similar monuments, he promises good luck to all who hold the nose of a donkey or rooster.

Albert Street. The architecture of Riga is so diverse that a whole day can be spent only to remove the most interesting houses and buildings. In this regard, of particular interest is the Alberta Street, where you can enjoy plenty of art nouveau (or art nouveau style) with fancy mythical animals, floral ornaments and stucco in the form of dragons on buildings.

Saint Paul's Cathedral.This is one of the most popular places in the capital of Latvia. The cathedral itself is a real work of art, and from the viewing platforms at a height of 57 and 71 meters offers a picturesque view of the city. For the convenience of tourists, they even installed an elevator so that every traveler could look at this beauty.

Riga Castle.It has housed government offices since its inception. At first it served as the residence for the Polish, Swedish and Russian administration, and today it houses the residence of the President of Latvia.

Ethnographical museum.Directly under the open sky you can plunge into the atmosphere of the 17-20th century and get acquainted with the traditions and life of Latvians of that time. There is something to see: farmyards, fishing huts, small churches and even a whole farm. In addition to the excursion, you can also try yourself in the role of an artisan, making a craft from clay or wicker.

Museum of Porcelain.Here you can find about 1000 interesting exhibits: dishes, statues, vases, busts of famous people and much more. And you can realize your creative potential by practicing painting on porcelain under the guidance of an experienced master.

Museum of cars.This paradise for lovers of vintage cars. It contains the largest collection in Eastern Europe. Rare models of Rolls Royce and Mersedes, limousines of the leaders of the USSR Stalin and Brezhnev, securely protected by armor, as well as the first models of buses and motorcycles made in Latvia are also available for viewing.

Central market.The bazaar has always been the busiest place, because tourists who come to rest in the capital of Latvia, do not bypass it. A special place in it is reserved for the fish pavilion, where you can buy fresh sea fish. Latvians advise everyone to try it in a smoked form, they say that here it has simply an unforgettable taste.

Berga Bazar.Shopping lovers need to go here! This is the real atmosphere of a cozy and expensive Italian town. Branded boutiques, in which you can buy things of famous Latvian and local designers, restaurants, wine shops - all this will surely give you pleasant emotions. And those who are lucky enough to get here on the second and fourth Saturday of the month will be able to purchase natural products at eco-fairs.

LidoAfter active walks you will probably want to eat.One of the most popular chain restaurants for home cooking in Riga is Lido, which has long been one of the local attractions. You will be tasty and inexpensively fed, as well as offered to have fun: in the summer on various attractions, and in the winter - on skates.

Restaurant-mental hospital.Institution for those who are not afraid of doctors. It is considered one of the most interesting themed restaurants in the world. After all, here you can really become part of a real “mental hospital”, be chained in a straitjacket or get into a room for violent ones with soft walls. You will also be offered to try cocktails from test tubes, spend dinner in the dentist's office, and choosing dishes from the menu, instead of the usual cutlery get the real surgical supplies.

Verman GardenGreat place for a leisurely vacation. By the way, in this garden is located the music center of the famous composer Raymond Pauls. You can take a pleasant stroll along the green paths and relax over a cup of your favorite drink in the tea house. And for those who are wondering what to do in Riga in the evening, there are several night clubs in the Vermansky Garden.

Riga is a very bright and distinctive city, it is a real cultural capital, where you can find lessons for everyone.

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