Is it possible to buy intangible things for money?

Buy health

“You can’t buy health,” people usually say, but if you think about it, the phrase turns out to be somewhat incorrect. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to drastically improve your natural parameters. And, if the body can somehow be changed externally, then everyone gets from the birth the initial resource of health and vitality. This is a genetic set with all possible hereditary diseases, and chronic sores acquired during life.
But, having enough money, you can much better take care of the smooth operation of your own body, rather than being in financial distress. Thus, it is possible to undergo diagnostics in a good clinic, timely start the elimination of identified health problems, purchase expensive drugs for the treatment and prevention of diseases, undergo a course of strengthening procedures, etc. If you have a lot of money, you can even replace some organs.

Gain experience and new experiences

With enough money, you can "buy" a new life experience and get new experiences. Travel, new activities, the purchase of materials for creativity - all this requires certain financial costs. Not having enough money, a person deprives himself of the possibility of free movement, participation in various kinds of meetings, festivals, holidays.
Instead of visiting world sights, he is forced to look at pictures, and of all the trips he can only afford a trip to the country and a trip to the nearest forest. It seems that there is no need to prove that his “piggy bank of impressions” will be much poorer than that of a better-off person.

Knowledge and skills - for money

There is an opportunity to invest money in their own education and development: enroll in a good educational institution, complete courses in the specialty of interest, participate in all sorts of trainings and training programs. Unfortunately, in the absence of sufficient cash, this becomes unrealistic. A person can only be content with self-education.Moreover, for the purchase of textbooks or access to network resources it is also necessary to have at least a minimum of funds.

Pay for love and family

The final argument of opponents of the fact that everything in the world is sold and bought is the statement that love cannot be bought with money. It would seem, indeed, it is impossible to get a good attitude towards yourself for a fee, to get true friends and truly close people. But, if you think about it, then this statement is debatable. No, we are not talking about "selling love", although the latter proves that for money you can at least buy sexual pleasures.
If there is a lot of money, you can form a social circle that fully meets your needs. Thus, the hero of a literary work decided to conduct such an experiment: for a fee, he hired poor professional actors who were supposed to play the roles of people close to him: a friend, wife, child, etc. He specified the terms of the contract in detail, described how he would like to see the behavior of each of the characters in relation to him, and enjoyed life for a while: he had an ideal environment that he could only dream of.When the girl who played the role of his wife really loved him and expressed readiness to become his wife without any financial support, he ... refused: because he stopped paying, he could no longer expect that his wife would meet all his requirements.

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