Is it possible to get pregnant right after the menstrual period?

“Calendar contraception” is a method based on calculating ovulation and identifying the period of so-called physiological infertility, the time when the egg does not fertilize.

Is it possible to get pregnant right after the menstrual period?

Stages of the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle in mature women has the following stages:

  • The production of a hormone that stimulates the maturation of the follicle in the ovary.
  • The ovulatory phase during which a yellow body is formed. When the follicle reaches maturity, it breaks through, causing the egg to penetrate the uterus.
  • Luteal phase, characterized by thickening of the walls of the uterus, which is thus prepared to attach a fertilized egg.
  • When fertilization does not occur, the level of sex hormones decreases after a few days. At the beginning of menstruation, the upper layer of the endometrium with the blood comes out.

Is it possible to get pregnant right after the menstrual period?

According to the "contraceptive calendar", the chance to get pregnant after menstruation is insignificant, but this possibility still exists.A similar situation can occur in a number of cases:

  • Short menstrual cycle lasting less than 21 days. In this case, the possible onset of ovulation.
  • Long menstruation in excess of 7 days. Then the new egg matures just in time for the end of menstruation.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle. In this case, ovulation occurs on different days.
  • Parallel contact bleeding, mistaken for menstruation. In this case, there is a risk to lose count and skip the time of ovulation.
  • Spontaneous ovulation, as it is called the simultaneous maturation of several eggs.

Similarly, it is impossible to give an absolute guarantee that unprotected sexual intercourse before menstruation will not lead to pregnancy.

For this reason, the “calendar contraceptive” method is more often used to determine the best time for conception, and not vice versa.

Can I get pregnant after giving birth?

Is it possible to get pregnant right after the menstrual period?

There is a certainty that after giving birth it is almost impossible to get pregnant if there is no monthly. During lactation, no hormones are produced that provoke ovulation.

This rule has many exceptions.It does not work with all women, and some are at risk of becoming pregnant within 3-4 weeks after giving birth, even if the menstrual cycle did not resume.

“Lactational amenorrhea,” as this method of contraception is called, can only be considered effective if the child is fully breastfed. In addition, it should be remembered that menstruation indicates that ovulation has already occurred, that is, no one can say with certainty at what stage the lactation protection ceased to operate. For this reason, obstetricians and gynecologists do not recommend fully trusting this method of pregnancy planning.

Another “popular” way of protection is interrupted sexual intercourse. It does not provide any reliable protection, since a small number of spermatozoa enters the vagina just before ejaculation. In addition, if you continue to have sex after ejaculation, the lubricating fluid will mix with a small amount of seed that remains in the ducts. This method is only suitable for couples who do not mind having children.

You can protect yourself from pregnancy most effectively by taking contraceptives. In this case, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules of admission.

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