Is it possible to “grow” a romantic relationship from friendship

Start by not blaming yourself for “abnormality.”

Researchers from the University of Texas proved that we really know how to “tune in” to each other, or rather, the more we recognize a person and the longer we communicate with him, the more attractive he seems to us. That is why in love, which suddenly unfolded from friendship, there is nothing strange, and it is not necessary at the first sign of feeling to rush away from the object of desire. Someone falls in love at first sight and for many years to come, but for some it is the “friendly way” that is very suitable: to get to know a person is really close and only then get attracted to him.

Is it possible to “grow” a romantic relationship from friendship

Do some neat research

Before you begin to feed illusions and imagine how you will go on a journey together and joke and have fun every day, only this time not in a friendly way, but with kisses and all the other charms of a couple's life, make sure that you have chosen the right moment to change status.With all the delicacy check with a friend if he is going to roll to the ends of the earth or (oh, horror!) Get involved in a love scam with someone else.

Continue with honest and sincere confession.

Friendship gives you enough cards to choose the right moment and form of recognition, but still it is better to start and finish honestly and openly: you respect and continue to respect him as a friend, but your feelings wake up and you need to do something with them . Then, as you can guess, there will be only two possible scenarios: either he picks up your plan, or ignores it ... and he feels very uncomfortable.

... or come up with a test for jealousy

Psychologists say that friendship often flows into a relationship at the time of the "split." Theoretically, this definition would be suitable for moving to another country or unexpected love. Try to give your friend a test of jealousy, telling him that you have finally found your love and that this time everything is very serious, and take a look at his behavior. Show jealousy, anxiety, or suddenly "go into itself" - do not pull and confess.

... or adjust the sex scene

No matter what the psychologists say, our experience shows that friends flow in lovers most often through the bed. So invite him to yourself, arrange a party with strong alcohol, after the third glass declare how lonely you are and, in general, how you dream to meet your soul mate, such a man-friend ... The end of the evening will show how indifferent he is to you. Well or not indifferent!

Is it possible to “grow” a romantic relationship from friendship

Appreciate exactly what made you friends.

The key difference between love relationships and friendship is the degree of freedom with which lovers often "sort out". For example, you don’t call your friend every day, you don’t need a report on the day you spent, you normally accept the fact that he went to a party without you or even went on vacation. And in order for friendship to smoothly and beautifully flow into a relationship, do not put shackles on a partner and declare it as your one-man toy. Save what so attracted both of you at the friendship stage, build your further communication on these interpersonal connections and do not spoil everything with the fashions of a fierce owner.

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