Is it worth it to arrange travel insurance?

Traveling is a very pleasant thing, how many thoughts and expectations are there from this event, but, unfortunately, not everything is always sweet. But sometimes, for reasons that do not depend on your desire, all the planned ideas are destroyed, the trip has to be canceled, and what about the losses that have arisen?

The later you refuse to travel, the less money you can get back, which were spent on his organization. Especially for this purpose we introduced a curious program - insurance against not going abroad.

What is travel exemption? This is a special option that allows a tourist who has changed his plans at almost the last moment to return an impressive part of the amount, about 80-90%! Naturally, you will have to purchase this insurance in advance, basically, together with the purchase of the tour, and the price for it can vary from 1.5% to 10% of the total price.

You say that for stupidity? The chance of situations that would force you to travel is too small to hammer yourself up with such difficulties. However, this is not quite true.Just imagine a situation in which your trip is on the verge of collapse: you will agree, the sensations are extremely unpleasant, especially if a lot of money is paid for it.

And it’s not hard to imagine such a thing, because a trip can be broken for many reasons: a natural disaster has passed in the country where you went, or hostilities began, you or your companion fell sharply ill, or you had urgent business.

It should be noted that such insurance is not valid in all cases, but only documented and pre-specified in the insurance document.

For example, if you simply decided not to go, because the desire disappeared, then you will not be reimbursed, but if, for example, you were denied a visa (and such situations are not uncommon) and you have not violated any rules, then money will be returned to you.

Where to make out?

Travel insurance abroad is usually arranged directly at the same travel agency where you purchase tickets or a tour. Even if you buy tickets and book a hotel separately, you can still insure on your own recognizance program.

To get started, find out how much this service costs, read the terms of the contract: carefully read what is included in the insurance claims and what is not, and only after that make a decision.

Experienced travelers recommend using this option in the event that a ticket costs a lot of money or a visa is needed in the selected state (for example, EU countries, America).

Thanks to this insurance, you will be able to receive compensation for most of the money spent (usually this includes the cost of tickets, hotel accommodation and meals, transfer to the hotel).

In this case, your plans may change almost at the very last moment: if there is an official supporting document, then this will not affect the final amount of compensation, it will remain unchanged until the very last day.

What is included in the insurance claims?

You should know that each company has its own list of risks that can be covered by the insurance policy, and you should familiarize yourself with it in a travel company.

As a rule, this includes cases that occurred only after the purchase of a voucher for reasons beyond the control of the traveler. Here is a sample list of insurance claims.

  • Sudden illness or death of one of the participants of the trip (close relative). In this case, this case will be insured only if the disorder of health has led to the hospitalization of the patient. In this case, the insurance company must present all the necessary certificates (death certificate).
  • Sometimes the insured cannot go because of the incident, which significantly affected his financial situation (theft, car theft, flood, fire, and so on).
  • There is a possibility to insure yourself in case of refusal of a visa. The insurance will be considered those cases where the tourist has been complied with all the rules and deadlines for filling out the documents. If you have previously been refused a visa to the selected state, then, most likely, your case will not be considered an insurance case.

What is not included in the insurance claims?

This option would be just an ideal opportunity if it were not for the “pitfalls”, which should also be known in advance. In what cases is it impossible to insure against leaving the place of residence and you will not receive any compensation?

  • Diseases injured travel participants who can be treated at home.
  • Refusal of the traveler from a planned trip to a country where only a natural disaster has passed, infectious epidemics or the threat of military intervention. Such cases are related to force majeure and are usually not the cause of insurance payments.
  • The onset of pregnancy and all the deterioration of health, which it affected.
  • If the flight was canceled or the departure date was postponed by the tour operator.

It turns out that this insurance program is beneficial and works only if the contingency applies only to you personally, and they will necessarily be listed in the contract.

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