It turns out elephants are freezing too. Craftswomen create giant sweaters for animals

People around the world believe that it is always hot in India. However, in the northern part of the country cold is not uncommon. Therefore, in the center of the protection and care of elephants there is always work for volunteers. Rescued animals should be clothed. For this, a group of volunteers, most of whom are women, are engaged in knitting huge “sweaters”.

Each item of clothing for an animal is done for about four weeks. After all, an elephant is the largest of land mammals, and its size is outstanding. Volunteers try to do their work not only as quickly as possible, but also very beautifully. Indeed, according to scientists, elephants have their aesthetic preferences.

During extremely cold winters for the region, animals are well protected from the cold. This is very important for individuals that hit the center with injuries and injuries.After all, a weakened animal is more at risk of pneumonia. One of the founders of the elephant care center, Kartik Satyananan, explains that the cold aggravates the arthritis in animals, which many of his charges suffer from. Therefore, clothing for elephants is more like coveralls - it has comfortable, not constraining the movement of the leg.

In the center there are a lot of animals that in the past have suffered from the cruel treatment of people. Today, all the troubles are over, and the elephants are surrounded by care and love. They are waiting for a bright and interesting future.

Bright and warm costumes save injured animals from the cold at the elephant care center in Northern India.

The craftswoman pays attention to every detail. And although she will spend almost a month on making one set, the elephant will receive a warm and very beautiful jumpsuit.

Craftswomen want not only to provide animals with comfortable clothing, but also to make their wards stylish and fashionable. Elephants love to show off in colorful outfits.

For the weak and vulnerable animals, salvation from the cold is a vital necessity. Comfortable clothing contributes to their speedy recovery.

Animals that are severely affected by human actions today have many chronic diseases. They learn to trust a person again.

Fortunately, these kids are lucky. Their hardships are in the past, and the future will be as bright and colorful as their new clothes.

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