Kendall Jenner came to the opera in indecent dress

Supermodel shocked all the guests.

Kendall Jenner recently too loved outright outfits and completely fell out of love with underwear. Recently, a 22-year-old star showed up at a family dinner with relatives in a very strange way. In a translucent black turtleneck, under which there was no underwear, the girl's chest was visible in all anatomical details.

And now she decided to come to the Parisian opera in a sheer black lace dress with a huge neckline. And under the dress were just huge "grandmother" panties.

Kendall Jenner
Photo: Getty Images
Kendall Jenner
Photo: Getty Images

Apparently, in this way Kendall wants to make it clear to fans that she is still seductive. After all, this summer she seemed to have forgotten about the sport. And in her beach shots it is noticeable that Jenner’s buttocks are not as elastic as they used to be, and they literally sagged. This happens if you stop playing sports and rocking the gluteal muscles.

Kendall used to do fitness several times a week, and with a personal trainer. If she did not have time to go to the gym, she worked at home.A year ago, the star published an 11-minute workout on her website, which allowed her to be pulled up. It consisted of several types of slats, twisting and lifting legs.

But in the shocking "naked" dresses on this lack of supermodel hardly anyone will pay attention. So Jenner with might and main exploits the most indecent outfits from his wardrobe. Although the girl would still need to find a new way to show themselves from the most attractive side. After all, even the most loyal fans agree that it is simply indecent to show off your body like that.

Moreover, the “naked” dresses are already going out of fashion, and the most fashionable celebrities have long since removed them to the farthest closet. Of course, there are also such stars who are ready to wear transparent things every day, but you can hardly call them a standard of style. And supermodels don't take an example from them, so as not to lose their status as one of the most beautiful girls in the world.

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