Kitten or puppy? 20 kids looking for a new home

Have you long dreamed of a pet? Come to the Yuna-Fest exhibition!

Not for the first year the Yuna shelter for homeless animals organizes an exhibition of its wards. This time it will take place on March 11 (Sunday) in the Small Hall of the ArtPlay Design Center in Moscow from 12:00 to 18:00.

You can not worry, all pets are vaccinated, sterilized and passed the examination at the vet. Before you take a cat or dog you like, you can get to know him: ask the Foundation volunteers about his character and preferences, play with him, feed him, take a selfie ... In general, spend as much time with your pet as you like.

When communicating with animals, love and happiness will be guaranteed. Scientists have long proved that pets left without a master are affectionate and grateful several times.

The Yuna Foundation is located in the Podolsk District of the Moscow Region. In the two years of its existence, more than 200 animals have been able to find their home.In addition, the center holds meetings and educational lectures for people who are not indifferent to the problem of homeless animals, and also holds all kinds of actions.

See below for some photos of pets that will be presented at the Yuna-Fest exhibition. Look for more photos under the hashtag# unisch homeon Instagram.

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