Knit bead crochet

Recently, I came across a selection of fantastic harnesses with beautiful ornaments, and just caught fire to do something like that! Moreover, I have already tried to knit a beaded cord with a crochet, but without a pattern.

Of course, it's much harder to type 3500 beads exactly according to the drawing than just to dial 3500, but the result is definitely worth the effort!

For work you will need:

- yarn for warp (usually Iris thread, I have 3 coils);

- beads of different colors;

- accessories: fastener, cones, rings, nails;

- Crochet hook 0.8-1.0mm;

- needle for beads;

- scheme.

beaded cord

crochet harness

% image_alt%

I use a small cross stitch pattern. To draw on the bundle was going smoothly, and not diagonally (brick), we burn knits with columns without a crochet (st.b.n). I make a drawing in the program, print it out.

The length of the harness is determined empirically - we knit the sample, calculate the number of patterns of the pattern. In my case, you need 14 rapports to get beads 45cm long.

Stringing beads according to the scheme.

I was eager to start everything, because I forgot to take a picture before the beads were tied in, but that one is quite simple

Tie 15 air loops, ring it together. Continue to knit in a circle 3 rows of single crochets (each row contains 15 = width of the pattern 15 beads).

Now proceed to the sticking of beads.

Hook the hook to both sides of the st. previous row, pull the loop. Move the bead close to the resulting loop, tie both loops together.

Repeat until the beads end 🙂

% image_alt%

If you missed beads when typing beads - it does not matter! Tie the “empty” st.b. and sew the desired bead after work.

Excess / irregular beads can be carefully split with pliers. Make sure that this does not hurt the thread.

When all the beads are tied, make 3 more rows of st.b.

We refuel tails, we attach accessories.

% image_alt%

We put a bead on the jewelry stud, fill it with a cord and sew up the edge.

% image_alt%

We put on the cone, with the help of round-nosed pliers we make a loop and fasten the clasp.

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