Knots on clothes - a new trend of this summer

We were looking forward to a trend that would at least briefly eclipse the fashion for clothes with bare shoulders. After all, these very shoulders are literally everywhere, and given the sale, blouses and dresses with open shoulders will acquire even those who have not yet managed to do it last summer. It's time to prepare a worthy replacement for them, which we suspected in tops and dresses with knots on their chests: they are also everywhere in shops and on websites of democratic brands, but, unlike clothes with open shoulders, they look fresh and unofficial. Oh yeah, and we found one significant plus: the bow on the chest seemed to be conceived to hide the bra, which means that you do not have to give up your bra or buy a special strapless model if you do not want to.

Floral Top Short

A top with a bright pattern, a V-shaped slit and ruffled sleeves is the most common version in the framework of the new trend with knots. You can find at least several options for any democratic brand.differing only in prints and individual details of the cut.

Knots on clothes - a new trend of this summer

Street style;Bershka Short Flower Top (599 rub. at a discount)

Open back jumper

Since summer this year is not at all “summer”, then it is quite humane to include knitted clothes in the July collections. Especially since this jumper with a knot on the back is warm except on the front only ...

Knots on clothes - a new trend of this summer

Street style;H & M jumper with open back (779 rubles at a discount)

Swimsuit with a knot

Funny fashion with knots has spread even to swimsuits. Models with a jumper in the form of a knot are more common among separate swimsuits, but Mara Hoffman has invented something in between: a one-piece swimsuit that looks like a separate swimsuit in front.

Knots on clothes - a new trend of this summer

Street style;Mara Hoffman Tie Swimsuit (€ 202)

Dress with a knot at the waist

An old trick with a t-shirt tied up with a careless knot at the waist transformed into a dress — simple, solid and short, which one would like to see comfortable clothes in the heat.

Knots on clothes - a new trend of this summer

Street style;dress with a knot at the waist (£ 108)

Knotted jumpsuit

Last year, everyone went crazy for short jumpsuits with a huge frill at the top and open shoulders, and this year the model in this category is a star in this category - with a knot in the chest that visually divides the jumpsuit into two separate parts.

Knots on clothes - a new trend of this summer

Street style;Zara striped jumpsuit (999 rub. on discount)

Top of denim

Top brand Marques' Almeida, which can rightly be attributed to the most courageous experimenters on the subject of denim, is a worthy target for hunting sales. The photograph shows that he deliberately repeats the aesthetics of the 90s: with a touch of color and careless fringe around the edges - as if in the past it was a stage costume by Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera.

Knots on clothes - a new trend of this summer

Street style;Marques' Almeida Denim Top ($ 245 on discount)

Striped dress

The idea with knots is a story not only about beach clothing. This dress clearly demonstrates that the new fashion trend is applicable in the office, if we are talking about knots as just a decorative inset. This model of dress inspired by the sea style is even more to our liking than teenage dresses-t-shirts with knots.

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