Kuram laugh, or creatives from around the world. Ideas for creativity

The line between ingenious and insane invention is sometimes very thin. Some ideas seem to their authors very useful and even great, but more often than not they remain so only in their imagination ... We present to youa selection of the most interesting creative inventions from around the world!

1. Pencil oil

To spread butter on toast, you can simply cut a piece of the desired size from it. And you can stick this piece of oil in a completely useless plastic packaging that will allow you to use it on the principle of glue-pencil.

Plus - the oil does not melt in the hands

2. Glass for ice cream with a motor

Apparently, the creators of this cup love to eat ice cream, as the motor in this invention allows you not to turn the ice cream back and forth. With this invention, you will eat ice cream in just one minute.

3. Three-wheel shoes

Completely incomprehensible invention. Would you buy such shoes?

4.Handles with caps in the form of a fork, spoon and knife

Do you work all day in the office and have absolutely no time to eat? According to the creators of this invention, the caps in the form of cutlery will help solve this problem, but we know that when ordering food delivery, the devices are brought along with the food.

5. Glass toaster

It can come in handy if you started to make toast soup, brewing a cup of coffee.

6. Jeans with a pocket for a mobile with a transparent cover

So you definitely will not drop the phone, but it will not be comfortable to wear such jeans.

7. Portable Aquarium

Such an aquarium can be used once when moving to a new apartment. Won't you walk your fish every day? 🙂

8. Cutlery + candles

We save on everything)

9. Children's clothes with floor cloth.

Of course, it is too lazy to tidy up the house, so why doesn’t a child crawling on the floor at the same time remove dust? The creators of this invention thought exactly that, but we know that in this way the child is swallowed with dust and it is not worth it, because the cleaning takes only 5 minutes.

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