LED Night Light

LED Night Light- a project that we do with our own hands wonderful lamps that can be used with a night lamp, as well as to illuminate the monitor or illuminate the shelves.

Materials and tools:

  1. LEDs;
  2. resistors;
  3. power supply (power supply);
  4. glass beads;
  5. 2 banks from IKEA;
  6. 2 wooden square boards for the base;
  7. switch;
  8. wires.

Step 1

First, make the base (stand) of the lamp. We cut out the wooden square board, then cut the corners and round the edges. Make a recess in the board for the cover. Drill the hole for the wires and the switch (see fig.). Carefully sand the surface of the substrate.

Step 2

Let's collect electronics - the diagram is shown in the figure.First, we pass all the wires through the holes and connect a switch. We run the wires through the holes in the cover and solder the LEDs and the resistor. Glue the cover to the base and "tighten" the wires, check the connection.

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