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Rida Hasanova February 5, 2018

Zodiac sign Leo belongs to the element of Fire. Planet Sun is the patron saint of people born under this sign. Therefore, the main traits of Leo's character are hot temper and emotionality. They react violently to any situation. Even his own passion can burn the Lion, but it does not bother him much. They are incredibleenergetic and gambling, but at the same time they are able to arrange respite for themselves. Female Lions and Lion Men love compliments and admiration for themselves. They appreciate the beauty of the outside, and the beauty of actions, actions.Lions strive for financial well-being and comfort.

Stones charms and talismans for Leo

Leo, who is one of the most majestic signs of the zodiac, is also important to feel support and protection.The best assistant for this sign will be amber - the stone of the sun.It is worth choosing a sample of a stone of yellow or yellow-orange color. Amber contributes to the elevated mood of Leo, makes him joyful and generous.Women from amber best to choose in the form of pendants, rings, bracelets or necklaces.

Amber for Leo

Silver bracelet with amber, Darwin(price by reference)

And men - in the form of cufflinks for a shirt or tie clip.

The stone charm for the zodiac sign Leo - amber - will help him cope with bouts of anger and envy, which are directed at him from other people. Also, this stone helps to normalize sleep

Aquamarine talisman will help Leo cope with irritation or temper. He will protect Leo from conflicts that he often likes to enter. Especially strong energy will come from the amulet of aquamarine in the spring-summer period, when the sun will be in the active phase. Aquamarine will help to gain confidence in yourself and those Lions who often need to speak to an audience. Mineral contributes to the harmonious work of the internal organs and helps to cope with fears.

The lion and the diamond are the perfect combination.The brilliance of a gemstone seems to underline the status and importance of the mark. Brilliant helps to combat anger and helps Leo to build relationships with other people.It is important that the stone be in a thin frame, so that nothing prevents it from touching the skin.

Lions, who are often irritable and grumbling for any reason, can deal with their negative traits with topaz.The stone helps to raise the mood and reduce discontent.It helps to tune in to a positive wave and drive away bad thoughts.

Sardonyx is only suitable for Lviv. He helps this sign in love affairs and brings good luck. Sardonyx in the shape of a ball can be stored in the house, it will help maintain a warm atmosphere in the house and cope with the emotional impulses of Lviv. Alsotalisman from sardonyx will protect Leo from danger in a long journeyand help deflect damage or the evil eye.

Sardonyx for Lviv

Sardonyx for Lviv

Leos who hold a leadership position, it is advisable to carry with them a talisman of alexandrite. This mineral helps strengthen leadership qualities, helps to make informed and thoughtful decisions. If subordinates have noticed that the boss-Lev began to find fault with trifles and often remains in a bad mood, then you need to give him a product with a mineral alexandrite.It promotes a more even mood and helps to cope with attacks of aggression.

Leo has great inner energy, but he distributes it, leaving nothing for himself.Heliodor helps restore vitalityand lift your spirits. It is useful to wear to those who study, since this stone contributes to the development of logical thinking. It is also recommended to wear heliodor to girls who dream of getting married.This stone will help to meet a life partner.

Why amber is important to Leo

Is amber suitable for Lions? Of all the stones intended for this sign, it is he who stands out. Even its color echoes the color of the mane of the Lion. The beauty of amber is much inferior to other precious and semiprecious stones. But hepossesses a large energy, which takes from the sun.

Amber contributes to the normalization of the general condition of Leo, especially since this stone is suitable for a sign by date of birth.

Beads made of amber, help cleanse the body, that is, to carry out the so-called detoxification. If you wear a stone in the form of a pendant, it will contribute to the normalization of the thyroid gland,especially if there are problems in this area. It is useful to wear items made of this stone during colds, especially if the throat is inflamed. Amber has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Amber often plays the role of an amulet or talisman, as he, as a shield, protects Leo from the negative and the evil eye. A male lion may wear cufflinks or trinkets with amber. And women can choose with this stone earrings, rings, brooches, pendants, etc.

The value of the ruby ​​for Leo

The main stone of the constellation Leo is not only amber, but also ruby. Most often, this stone is represented in a rich red color, but in fact the palette of its color goes from cherry to barely pink. For Lev, a ruby ​​is suitable not only because it will become a strong talisman for him, but also for medical reasons. Ruby has a beneficial effect on the state of the circulatory system, and Leo often has problems in this area.

Also, the ruby ​​is good, as a remedy that helps to cope with asthma attacks and is suitable for respiratory diseases.Many owners of the mascot from the ruby ​​note that they suffer less often

It is recommended to use a ruby ​​as a talisman for those Lions who belong to the creative profession, that is, have a developed imagination. Such representatives of the sign in the head always have a lot of ideas, but when they take up their implementation, they fail. Ruby will help them be more collected andwill put thoughts in order.

If a female lion constantly uses ruby ​​as a decoration, then hewill bring stability to her privacyand help cope with difficulties. The woman will become softer, and will be like a magnet to attract a man's attention. In the old days it was believed that this stone helps protect a woman from men with frivolous intentions.

Ruby for Leo

Ruby for Leo

Choosing a stone by date of birth

Lions who were born in the first decade, that is, from July 23 to August 3, need to pick up those stones that have strong energy. These are stones that will be able to cope with the strong and rebellious nature of the Lions born during this period.Best fit:

  • eye of the Tiger;
  • Moonstone;
  • rhinestone;
  • bloody jasper;
  • nephritis;
  • cornelian.

The lions, who were born from 4 to 12 August and are under the auspices of Jupiter, appreciate discipline, and want to see everything around them obey their rules. These are people who are able to prove their case and do everything in their own way. They need a stone that is filled with light from within, for example:

  • cat's eye;
  • amber;
  • citrine;
  • opal;
  • jade;
  • onyx.

Lions, which were born in the third decade, that is, from 13 to 23 August, are under the influence of the planet Mars. These are the most intelligent representatives of the sign, possessing great power and power. They are suitable stones that are intended for military people, for commanders. These are talismans and amulets made of stone:

  • ruby;
  • emerald;
  • tourmaline;
  • alexandrite;
  • diamond;
  • topaz;
  • zircon.
tourmaline for lion

Gold ring with tourmalines and zircons;gold earrings with tourmalines and cubic zirconias, all Maskom (prices link)

Which stone is suitable for women Lions on the horoscope

Young woman Leo is recommended to wear jasper and amber jewelery. Amber has different shades, it is better to choose the most saturated.

Amber helps a woman-Leo to preserve their health and beauty, prolong life.It helps to make important decisions, as it makes the mind clear and clears the mind. Women who are engaged in creativity, with the help of amber will be able to develop their imagination,will become brighter and will attract attention.

Carnelian also helps in disclosing talents. Especially it is useful to those women who are in search of the way, it helps in dialogue with surrounding people and teaches restraint

Jasper jewelry will help women Lions get rid of stress and anxiety. It is useful to carry such a stone to those who are constantly in sight, especially for women who are involved in public affairs. It is advisable not to show products made of jasper to a prying eye, since only in this case the stone will be able to protect its possessor from the negative.

Decorations with pomegranate will help those women-lions who are in search of their love. From different shades of stone it is worth choosing bright red or orange colors.

Pomegranate stone is suitable for those who seek to have a serious, stable relationship for life.But, this gem is not suitable for Lions girls who have not thought about marriage yet.It is better for them to choose a heliodor stone, which will only attract the attention of numerous fans.

Jewelry for a female Lion is best done in a round or oval shape, and choose gold as a frame. It is not recommended to combine light and dark stones in one product. In a positive way talismans, which are made in the form of animals, will influence the female Lion: an eagle, a lioness, a peacock or a swan.

Peacock pendant for Leo

Gold pendant with black diamonds, topaz, sapphires and diamonds, SL(price by reference)

Birthstone mascot for men by date of birth Lion

The most important stone for a male lion is alexandrite, which was named after the courageous Alexander of Macedon. This stone contributes to the development of leadership qualitieshelps to cope with uncertainty and promotes good luck in business. Lions-men are advised to donate things that are decorated with alexandrite, especially to those who are involved in politics, or are in leadership positions.

Sardonyx will bring a man-Lion good luck, heable to unleash creativity, helps to believe in yourself. With the help of this stone, young men learn to properly communicate with people, organize themselves, and establish contacts.

Lions who have reached old age, as a gift is best to present a product made of ruby. This stone will promote health and emphasize the status of its owner.

Men-Lions are recommended to insert stones as wards. Their rounded shape personifies the Sun, which is the patron saint of all representatives of the sign of Leo. You can also use stones in key rings or balls that roll in your fingers to relieve nervous tension.

Contraindicated for Lviv stones

Of the forbidden stones for representatives of the sign of Leo in the first place is aventurine. is hecontributes to the development of self-doubt, the appearance of complexes and indecision. Such features are completely opposite to the character of Lviv, so aventurine can bring them psychological problems, the emergence of a conflict with itself.

Also such stones are not suitable: pearls, obsidian, amethyst and chrysoprase. They contribute to the fact that Leo may lose peace, become insecure in their abilities and will be prone to depressive mood.

diamond pendant for lion

Gold pendant with pearls and diamonds, SL(price by reference)

It is strictly not recommended for Lions to wear turquoise jewelry.It is suitable for those people who have many fears, and in Leo, turquoise completely kills this feeling, makes it uncontrollable. For representatives of the sign, it is dangerous because they will take risky actions that will lead to numerous losses: financial and moral. Turquoise adversely affects the health of Lviv and reproductive function, lowers the level of efficiency.

Stones for the representative of Leonot necessarily all the time to carry. The talismans of Leo have the same powerful energy as their owners, so sometimes they need to rest from each other. You can buy something for the interior, decorated with a stone that is suitable for Leo. He will not only decorate his house, but also protect him from negative influences and from bad people. It is also important to remember that a suitable stone should evoke positive emotions in Leo. If this does not happen, then you need to pay attention to products with other suitable stones.

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