Liam Hemsworth likes to scare Miley Cyrus

It seems that one day Liam Hemsworth decided that taking a cue from Ryan Reynolds was a good idea, and he began to play his bride Miley Cyrus at every step. For the time being, to a mighty sense of humor, Liam’s colleague is, frankly, far away, because with enviable persistence he uses the same trick: to scare Miley to scream. Or does Hemsworth just do not want to repair what works so well? After all, every time Cyrus is frightened, as in the first ...

A couple of days ago, the star of The Hunger Games published an Instagram video on which he drives his car in a rather ridiculous hunting disguise for the face. This is usually used to hunt geese and ducks, and wondering why Liam put it on, we probably won't. Miley was sitting in the front passenger seat, talking to her lover about something and smiling pretty into the camera - she just didn’t expect him to slow down and shout loudly.

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