Is life without a stroke possible?

Such a terrible word, like a stroke, frightens almost every person, because no one wants at the moment to say goodbye to life or remain disabled. The worst thing is that if literally some 50-70 years ago this disease was found only in elderly people, the "rejuvenation" of strokes, which began to occur recently, literally dumbfound the entire population of the Earth.

Your loved ones need care

A stroke at the age of 40 has become quite common, cases of the disease have become quite frequent at 30, or even at 25! What is the reason for such a terrible progression of the disease under consideration? The saddest thing is that no one is immune from strokes, a person may not even suspect that such terrible processes take place inside his body.

Is it really impossible to protect oneself and prevent the development of the disease? In order to understand how to avoid a stroke, you need to carefully read the prerequisites that can cause his education even in the youngest and healthiest organism.

If you protect yourself from the root causes of the disease, as well as periodically checked by specialists, then it becomes possible to prevent a stroke, which is much easier and cheaper than saving and treating a person from the grief that has already happened.

By the way, special attention should be paid to those people who are in close relationship with people with similar diseases, because the formation of a stroke is a hereditary thing.

What is a stroke?

If we turn to scientific terminology, we can learn that a stroke is called the investigative phenomena, which are accompanied by a sharp violation of the blood circulation of the brain. In total, there are two main causes of stroke: the occurrence of a blood clot in the cerebral vessels, which is accompanied by their narrowing and arterial blood supply to the brain.

Very dangerous disease

As a consequence - the death of brain cells in a certain area. If a stroke occurred for this reason, then it is called ischemic, and it is dangerous because the symptoms develop gradually and are difficult to distinguish immediately, but the person should be helped no later than three hours after the formation of a blood clot.

The second major cause of stroke is a hemorrhage in the brain box, which occurs due to a rupture of blood vessels. Such a stroke is called hemorrhagic, most often the cause of its occurrence is high blood pressure, in which case the risk increases by 5-10 times!

During a hemorrhage, a tumor forms, which causes the death of brain cells. In the case of this type of stroke, timely assistance to the patient must be provided within an hour.

The main symptoms are:

  • The person is sharply thrown into fever, the sudden occurrence of severe headaches and dizziness.
  • Numbness of the limbs, general weakness.
  • Violation of speech, sharp fainting of vision, fog before the eyes, the picture looks blurred.
  • Violation of articulation and gesticulation, poor perception of speech.
  • Nausea, vomiting.

How to protect yourself and your loved ones from a stroke?

The processes occurring in the circulatory system of the brain are a consequence, which is due to improper lifestyle, as well as a lack of knowledge of certain techniques, which allow to avoid the approach of such a terrible disease.Knowing the main causes of stroke - the best prevention of a terrible problem.

  • Bad ecology. Of course, it is difficult enough to cope with this problem, it is unlikely that someone will instantly give up everything and leave to live in an environmentally friendly environment, to the village to see her grandmother or to an uninhabited age. But in order to at least minimally smooth out the effect of bad ecology on the body, it must be supplied with all the necessary vitamins and beneficial substances to strengthen the immune system.
  • Constant stress, nervous strain can lead to serious problems. Of course, it is impossible to escape from problems, they have always been and will, perhaps, should reconsider their attitude towards them and learn to react more calmly, so to speak, in a philosophical way. All can be solved, but health can not be returned, sometimes even for the biggest money.
  • Chronic fatigue, which has recently become a normal part of the life of any modern person, can also be a prerequisite to the formation of a stroke. But in order to rest, it is not necessary to go to a foreign resort, it’s enough to take a habit of choosing nature or a river at the weekend, add a little physical activity, because rest can be both active and passive.
  • Overweight. Even an extra 5 kg can cause the formation of a wide variety of health problems, what can you say about excess 15, 30 or 40 kg?
  • The presence of bad habits, for example, active or passive smoking is one of the most dangerous habits, which, over time, leads to problems with blood vessels.
  • People who suffer from hypertension should also be cautious, since such a disease can cause rupture of cerebral vessels. Systematic monitoring of blood pressure and keeping it normal is an excellent prevention of strokes. In order to stabilize the pressure, it is enough knowledge and use of simple means (tea, coffee, medicinal herbs).
  • The presence of heart disease, diabetes, arterial hypertension.

How to prevent occurrence?

As we have said, to avoid the appearance of such a terrible disease is quite real, the main thing is to follow a small number of basic recommendations. By the way, the following recommendations also apply to men and women who have already suffered a stroke, and absolutely do not want to be in the power of a second one.

Disease can overtake everyone

The main causes of recurrent stroke is the negligence of the patients themselves, they completely ignore the fact that they now need to be doubly monitored for their health.

  • Continuous monitoring and normalization of blood pressure. For people over 40, as well as those who have already suffered a stroke, the procedure for measuring pressure should be daily.
  • Do not forget to constantly monitor the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Up to 30 years - once a year, up to 40 - once every six months, and after 40 and for the sick - once every 3 months.
  • Normalize your daily diet, try to reduce your intake of sugar and salt.
  • The decrease in the consumption of animal fats with an increase in the amount of vegetable.
  • Do not forget that an active lifestyle, systematic exercise, active recreation and fresh air are the best helpers for good health.
  • Overweight people should take care of its normalization, as well as subsequent retention.
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