Buy limestone for facades in Moscow at the best price

Limestone is a sedimentary rock with a fairly dense structure. It has high decorative, physical and ecological properties.

Compared with dolomite or granite, it has a lower density, but it has the same performance characteristics. Fully used began centuries ago, and today it is the most popular facing material, thanks to its optimally affordable cost and excellent physical properties.

Facade of limestone in combination with marbled limestone of the basement

Advantages of using limestone

Limestone cladding plates are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, thanks to simple processing and polishing, which do not require sophisticated technological equipment.

Natural is red, green, brown, white and other colors.Stones of light shades are in great demand: white with a speck, yellow and pure white.

These varieties are optimally suited to the climatic conditions of Russia, which allows to guarantee the quality and durability of the installation works.

The low enough price for limestone allows anyone with average incomes to purchase this material for the facade in the required quantity.

Benefits of using a natural mineral:

  • - excellent sound insulation and heat insulation properties;
  • - a light enough weight
  • - strength and durability;
  • - aesthetic appearance;
  • - protect the walls from various bacteria and fungi;
  • is an affordable price;
  • - resistance to stress and mechanical stress;
  • - easy installation and basic maintenance.

Limestone prices in Moscow

Limestone DL from 890 p.

Limestone YES without speck from 830 p.

Quality products and professional services

Trade and Production Company "Gallery of Stone" offers quality limestone in Moscow at an affordable cost. The availability of high-tech modern equipment allows you to provide in any quantity a variety of products from popular natural minerals: granite, limestone, marble, onyx, dolomite, slate and other stones. You can order tiles of the required sizes, stairs, fireplaces, countertops and various decorative elements for interior or landscape design.

What we offer

The company can not only order the necessary products of excellent quality, but also use the services of our qualified craftsmen.

Natural stone is much heavier than artificial counterparts, so a specialist with practical skills and knowledge of the technological process should carry out the installation work.

In addition, before you buy limestone to take into account the features of the building, calculate the optimal load on the foundation and take care of reliable adhesive solutions.

The use of natural stone can visually completely change the appearance of the house, thanks to it you can create your own style, add the desired accents and emphasize your status.

Our qualified designers will help develop a unique project that fully reflects your desires and preferences. We try to keep abreast of new trends and advise on current design solutions.

Using our services, you will provide a stylish and unique appearance to your home, as well as securely protect it from external influences.

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