List of the best and cheapest face powder

Powder - a finishing coating that is used in the process of applying makeup. It helps to extend the fresh look of make-up, make the skin of the face matte and correct the tone. But by making the wrong choice, you can get the opposite effect. How not to make a mistake, and get the perfect, but at the same time a budget tool, we will tell further.

Perfect makeup with minimal waste

"To powder a spout" of a woman began a few thousand years ago, using rice flour, starch and even a remedy based on lead and chalk. The modern cosmetic industry has replaced these components with talcum, which is the basis of most powders appearing on the shelves of stores.

And in order to make the product as “skin friendly” as possible to the skin, it is often supplemented with vegetable oils and vitamins, which are carefully taken care of.

But how to choose the very one among the presented range? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. If you use a foundation, then the shades of the foundation and powder should be as similar as possible.Thus, your skin will look the most natural. If it is not possible to pick up so accurately, take the powder a lighter tone.
  2. In the case of crumbly means pay attention to the presence of a strainer. Without it, it will be inconvenient to use cosmetics.
  3. For those who like to use only the tonal framework, there is a transparent finish. It perfectly mattes and does not add color.
  4. Owners of oily and combination skin will suit mineral powder. It does not clog pores and, as a rule, has an organic composition.

The best of the mass market

But is it possible to find a tool that meets all the criteria, and, at the same time, has an affordable price? Of course. Especially for you, we have prepared a review of inexpensive and high-quality powders:

Viviene sabo poudre melange

With its help you can make the face tone lighter and darker, depending on the season and the type of makeup. And all thanks to the balls of different colors, which, mixing on a brush, give the desired tone.

Talc, which is part, makes the skin matte, and mica gives a slight flicker. This is a great option for girls who love light, barely noticeable coverage.

"Miss Ideal", Avon

The improved formula makes it possible to forget about the uneven skin tone for a long time.Ultrameal grinding creates the effect of an invisible coating, while perfectly leveling the relief.

One of the main components - koalin, perfectly absorbs excess fat and has a calming effect.

L’Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect

She is able to adapt to the skin tone and lasts for 3-5 hours. Using a brush you can get a lighter coating, and with the help of the sponge - a dense, but not weighting.

This is one of the best powders of the mass market category. Its undoubted advantage is that when typed on a brush and applied it does not dust, and even without a tonal base, it hides the small skin imperfections well enough.

Max Factor Loose Powder

Delicate texture makes the coating silky and smooth, not allowing it to appear oily shine for 6-7 hours. As part of the components are the retainers, which give a longer durability.

In addition, it is a great option for oily and combination skin. Indeed, in the composition there is oatmeal, which helps to narrow pores.

Pupa Like a Doll SPPF 15

A good mineral remedy containing silicone resins, due to which the skin becomes radiant, because they perfectly reflect light. And particles of silicon absorb sebum, and permanently eliminate shine.

Has a UV protection filter.Suitable for problem skin, as it is necacetogenic.

Bourjois Silk Edition

Creamy texture helps to achieve a perfectly smooth tone, filling all the bumps in the skin, but not clogging in the folds and pores. The manufacturer claims that the tool even has the ability to hide minor pigmentation.

It mattes up to 8 hours and it comes with an excellent panoramic mirror, with which it is easier to apply powder.

Benecos Mineral Powder

A real find for lovers of eco-cosmetics. Certificates confirm that it is not tested on animals and has natural ingredients.

In addition to the standard set of effects (leveling, matting), the product also nourishes and moisturizes, due to which owners of dry skin can also use it.

Artdeco Mineral Compact Powder

Inexpensive, but fairly high-quality German product, which includes sea minerals. The lack of oils and waxes is an undoubted advantage for oily skin.

With this tool, it looks fresh for a long time.

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat

Not the best option for the dry type, but for the normal and combined - the most it. Vitamin E helps to care for the face, and the light texture evenly lays down, and can completely replace the tonal basis.

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat can be used to create daily make-up as well as work in studio lighting.

Maybelline affinitone

Suitable for all skin types and has a softening and protective effect. Vitamin E, which is part of - a component that creates a reliable barrier to the skin of the face, which protects against UV rays and aggressive external influences.

It has five shades, among which every girl will be able to choose the perfect one for herself.

Low price does not always mean poor quality. Even inexpensive powder can be your reliable assistant in completing your daily look. Make the right choice and be beautiful!

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