Making a shower corner - how to get to work?

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Repair in the bathroom creates a lot of difficulties for us, especially if you do not have the appropriate practical skills. Imagine that you are settled in an apartment or house, where repairs have already been made in the hygienic room. Unfortunately, after a certain amount of time comes the need to make repairs there. Perhaps there was a breakdown or you wanted to upgrade your old equipment to a new one. In any case, you will want to save money and do the necessary work yourself.

Before you begin work, you will certainly begin to look for useful instructions on the Internet in order to gain at least some knowledge on this issue. We will be happy to help you with this and give step-by-step advice on how to cope with the task yourself.

Take the standard example when you need to install a new shower enclosure.Imagine that you do not have the knowledge, but there is a desire to make your bathroom much more beautiful and practical.

The plan for your work will be:

  1. Dismantling the old structure. Perhaps this is the most pleasant moment for many who love to get rid of the trash. At the same stage, we must make a thorough alignment of all adjacent surfaces of the walls and ceiling to the future shower corner;
  2. Works with ceramic tiles. After the tile is laid you will need to wait until it is completely cured;
  3. Solve the issue with the choice of material for the pallet. Take advantage of our advice and give preference to acrylic. The fact is that it has many advantages over competing materials - a textural surface, strength to mechanical loads and resistance to impact temperature changes;
  4. Before mounting the showerhead assembly, you will need to fix it as closely as possible in a certain position. Use the included special support legs. Do not forget to connect the pallet as closely as possible with the adjacent wall surfaces.If you do not do this, then you will increase the likelihood of leakage under the shower structure. Use for this purpose a special grout and sealant to form a reliable and practical seam;
  5. Try to minimize the gap between the contacting surfaces of the frame and shower panels;
  6. Formed frame shower corner you will need to attach to the surface of the floor and ceiling. For this you will need dowels. Remember that they are not always included (here you need to take into account the building materials used in your home and the presence of voids);
  7. When choosing a shower door, give preference to glass. For this purpose, it is much more practical and looks better than, for example, acrylic or plastic;
  8. Do not rush when installing doors. Before this, carefully inspect the attachment points and mechanisms of the rollers;
  9. After assembly, install the necessary service elements and accessories (mixer, shower hose, curtains);
  10. At the final stage, inspect the entire structure of the shower enclosure and seal all the found gaps with the existing waterproof Hermetic.

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