Manicure mirror or chrome: the main trend-2017

The good news: nails in the form of "coffin", which so frightened us, will not become a trend in 2017. But if you thought that you can continue to flaunt with your favorite universal form - a soft square - and be in a trend, then you are mistaken. According to the forecasts of Pinterest, in the coming year the most fashionable form of nails will be an elongated amygdala, the very form of "stiletto" from the 80s, which Rihanna, Beyonce and other pop divas have already fallen in love with. But that's not all, fashion returns ... mirror coating (or chrome, as you like). Doing it at home is still quite time-consuming, so the easiest way is to contact the master and confuse yourself only with the choice of color. We have collected for you some cool ideas from Instagram.

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