Margot Robbie seduces and tortures in the movie "The Ultimate"

Margot Robbie likes to play whimsy hysterical characters: she turned from a bitchy skater into a no less bitchy waitress. In the new gloomy neonuar “Ultimate”, her heroine brings a lot of trouble to a couple of hired killers (Dexter Fletcher, “Cards, money, two trunks”, and Max Irons, “Woman in gold”), preventing them from completing the next task. Margot plays a smiling waitress from the eatery of one nameless town. At first glance, dear young lady, who leads a double life. After the "suicide squad" actress is easy to imagine with a bat, and not just in the bathroom with a glass of champagne! She learned to do a somersault backwards, shoot pistols and own fireballs. Therefore, in “Ultimate”, it not only spreads coffee and talks to visitors, but seduces, manipulates and subtly tortures all those who stand in its way.

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