Master-class for the Goddess: how to eat properly

How to eat right?

How to eat right?

At the sight of stunning beauties with gorgeous figures, many women begin to feel a little uncomfortable in their body, believing that they will never become as attractive, not feel as fresh, healthy and full of strength as these Goddesses. But is it really? Is it really impossible to change anything, and the only thing that remains is to come to terms with the status quo?


In fact, everything is much rosier than it seems, and in order to have a beautiful, healthy and fit body, there is no need to resort to plastic surgery. All that is needed is to understand how to eat right and to reconsider your own gastronomic tastes and preferences.


We eat clearly



Of course, a beautiful package with a bright bright label is, of course, great, but more importantly, what's inside it. Quite often, food hides behind them, say, not very useful for our health.First of all, we are talking about various semi-finished products. Yes, buying meat semi-finished products in the store (cutlets, cabbage rolls, dumplings), you significantly save your time on cooking. But think: is it worth saving on health and your appearance? They are yours in a single copy, and others will not be given to you even for very big money. In addition, almost always store semi-finished products - products are not natural, containing a lot of harmful substances. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the manufacturer honestly indicated the composition of its products on the packaging. Another thing - semi-finished products cooked in cooking or at home. Here you know exactly what is included. But, even despite the naturalness of home-made semi-finished products, they should not be abused. Food should be as fresh as possible. Only in this way it will be useful to you.


The conclusion suggests itself: if there is a choice, always make it in favor of natural products, in the quality and composition of which you are sure. So, instead of sausages, sausages and dumplings, it is better to buy fresh meat and cook, say, goulash from it; instead of smoked fish - fresh or fresh frozen.Well, and if without semi-finished products in any way - carefully study the label.


Feel free to put seasonal vegetables and fruits, cereals, fresh greens, nuts and dried fruits, eggs (chicken or quail) and low-fat dairy products into the food basket.


Eating right means choosing a gentle heat treatment of food.




Here you came from the store home, laid out the food on the table and thought about how to make this delicious today.


According to nutritionists and nutritionists, it is better to cook foods or eat them raw, but not to fry.


The fact is that fried foods contain a lot of trans fats that are not good for the waist or for the stomach. In addition, very toxic and harmful substances are formed during frying. If you want to understand how to eat right, give up fried food. It can also be cooked in a microwave, baked in an oven, cooked in a double boiler or a slow cooker.


Mayonnaise, sour cream and ketchup replace with vegetable oil, lemon juice or soy sauce - they contain fewer calories and more nutrients.



Do you want to be healthy - do not overeat



How to eat right?

How to eat right?



The meal is finished, it's time to sit down and enjoy the meal. It is better not to bring yourself to a state of severe hunger, otherwise you will not only eat everything that was prepared, but also empty the entire refrigerator without knowing how to eat properly, but how not. And so that such disruptions were not, it is recommended to eat a little, but often.


So, you can eat every five times a day (three full meals and two light snacks) every three hours. This will help you get rid of weakness, "hungry" dizziness, help you feel energetic and vigorous throughout the day.


As for food for snacking, preference should be given to those of them that have a low glycemic level, i.e. gradually increase the level of sugar in the blood. Such products include almost all fruits, low-fat chicken meat, cereals except for white rice (preferably brown rice), pasta, vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices.


The fact that the evening meal should be as light as possible (vegetable salads, cottage cheese, fish with vegetable garnish), many people know. Those who want to learn how to eat right,It will be no less interesting to know that if you have a sports training session scheduled in the evening (aerobics, dancing, swimming in the pool, strength training, etc.), you can pamper yourself a little. In the sense that the dinner these days should be dense enough so that you have enough energy for training.


A few words about breakfast. It is very difficult for many people to force themselves to eat at least a sandwich in the morning and they prefer to limit themselves to a cup of tea or coffee, considering that in this way they charge themselves with energy for the whole day. In fact, this is absolutely not true. The fact is that the awakened body needs to “supply” nutrients just as a computer needs electricity in order for you to work on it. If you do not give the body what it needs, it will begin to “eat” itself, using our muscles as “food”. That is why a person needs a rich breakfast. If in the morning you have no appetite, try to deceive the stomach by offering it liquid food instead of solid. Perfect for breakfast kefir, drinking yoghurt, muesli with milk, milkshake, etc.


These are just a few simple ways to eat right, but by following them you will soon feel much better: healthier, more energetic and beautiful.

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