Megan Fox showed her youngest son

Megan Fox and Brian Green, as in that fairy tale, have three sons, but only the older ones usually get into the lens - five-year-old Noah and four-year-old Bodhi. But Jooney, who will be two years old in August, is constantly behind the scenes - and the other day it became clear why: the boy has such an angelic appearance that Megan must be just afraid to jinx the baby!

“Is this a child, not a doll?”, “Megan has amazing looks, it’s not surprising that the children turned out the same”, “Is he even from this planet?”, “It’s scary to imagine how handsome he will be!” - the admired admirers comment on the picture, which the actress shared in Instagram. It must be said that before that she had published photos from Journey already in January, when he was still very young.

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