Machining of metal structures

Any metal product requires systematic care to avoid corrosion and increase its service life. And, of course, for some structures (for example, gratings, fences or decorative elements), aesthetics of their appearance is of considerable importance. Maintaining it with standard processing is troublesome. First, you need to clean the place of rust. Second, treat with primer. Third, apply finishing enamel.

A lot of time, effort and material resources are spent on this work. Especially if it is necessary to paint large areas, for example, metal gates and fences. And here, in order to get the expected result, you need to choose the right paint and varnish products. The modern market offers a very wide range of products, both domestic and foreign production.

Benefits of the Irkom brand products

So what kind of result do we expect from paint for rust and metal? The price must match the quality! Here, on the website of LLC "TriTonex", you can purchase enamel with high protective properties against moisture, ultraviolet rays and mechanical effects. The company is the official distributor of the Serbian manufacturer Irkom, which supplies paint and varnish products to the Russian market at a price that does not include mark-up on the trademark. This reduces the cost of production, while maintaining its characteristics at a very high level.

Indisputable plusesthat differentiate this brand:

1. They have a pronouncedanti-corrosion property, so there is no need to use a primer and finishing enamel. And this affects the total amount spent on restoration or repair work.

2. Just one or two applications create adurable protective layerfrom blows. Due to its plasticity, this paint does not crack and is difficult to scratch. But only with damage to the surface layer, harmful substances penetrate the paint and accelerate wear.

3.Fast drying, thanks to which there is no need to spend time waiting for the full setting to apply a repeated layer. 30 minutes is enough - and you can continue processing.Advice: if the emulsion thickens, it is enough to dilute it with R1 solvent.

4. Enameldoes not have a specific odor and biocides. Therefore, it is safe to use when dyeing internal elements.

We recommend: to enhance the protective properties, degrease the surface before starting work.

On the website of "TriTonex" you can buy paint not only for metal, but also for wood or stone. These funds will not only protect products, but also enhance the decorative effect.

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