Mi-mi-mi royally: "found the young" Markl moved to the palace

It seems that a stray dog ​​named Guy never dreamed that Elizabeth herself would scratch him behind the ear.

Mongrel with bright red ears, wandering in the forests of Kentucky, and after freezing in a cage in a shelter, did not hope that he would be one of the 600 guests invited to the wedding of Harry and Megan. And I certainly did not think that I would arrive there on the personal machine of Queen Elizabeth. Yes, yes, and that on the road will scratch his tum!

Having learned about this, Internet users have already concocted a couple of jokes, and also found someone who was even luckier in life than Cinderella herself. And this Guy is a dog that Megan Markle took from a shelter shortly before meeting the prince.

The lucky one lucky enough to meet Megan
Photo: @meghan_markle

The actress noticed the kid in the Dog’s Dream Rescue orphanage in Oakville in social networks. And, after thinking a couple of days, she could not continue to look at his sad eyes ... And she gave the tail house a gift.

For some time, Guy lived with Megan at her home in Toronto, and when his mistress agreed to marry the prince, the dog moved to the UK - and, of course,straight to the palace.

The dog not only immediately attracted Harry, but also fell in love with the queen that it was not so easy to do. After all, Elizabeth II is famous for its strict temper. But at the sight of this lump of happiness could not stand it. I even invited a little eared one to my country residence, deciding to introduce my famous corgi.

And since she let him take the back seat of his car at such a crucial moment, it means that the acquaintance was successful.

Recall the royal wedding took place last Saturday.

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