Midlife crisis in men after 40 years

In the article I will discuss the middle age crisis in men after 40 years, the symptoms and methods of treatment of this psychological problem. If women become stable by the age of 40, they calm down and live, paying attention to their children and grandchildren, the opposite is true for men.

From the point of view of physiology, a midlife crisis is a male menopause. Virtually all the representatives of the stronger sex because of ignorance adhere to the opinion that menopause is exclusively a female problem.

The knowledge and judgments concerning the nature of menopause in representatives of different sexes practically do not differ. At the same time, people are embarrassed to talk about it. Not even all doctors are willing to talk about it.

Menopause is a hormonal adjustment, when the sex hormones that are present in each person start to leave the body. Therefore, it happens to all.

At men who have reached the age of forty, sexual desire begins to disappear.The conversation is not about impotence. The representatives of the stronger sex desire begins to occur much less frequently. In their youth, men show a high interest in girls and things related to sex. This is quite normal, but with age, sexual desire gradually decreases.

Some men take it very calmly. They switch their own interests to something new and find interesting activities. Some begin to get involved in cars and equipment, others prefer to hunt or catch crucian carp.

The reaction of some sharper. They are trying by any means to find the cause of the fading sexual attraction, and not in themselves, but in the outside world. The first person on whom the sight stops is the wife. By the age of 40, she became slightly stout, lost her former sexual attractiveness and began to age. Therefore, men blame her for everything.

Forty-year-old men are trying to restore fading sexual attraction with the help of young girls. Clever ladies love indulging on the side, but they are not in a hurry to leave the family. They are well aware that the love of young women is closely related to fame or financialpartner opportunities. As soon as the funds run out, love will disappear with lightning speed.

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Many men rush into the abyss of love passions, and do not think about the consequences. And this is against the background of the fact that nature has chosen a wise approach to the creation of man. From a man in years, she takes away sexual desire for a reason. At this age, health often begins to limp, and cardiovascular diseases often lead to strokes or heart attacks, especially if the man is actively taking drugs that stimulate the potency.

Symptoms of a midlife crisis

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The middle age crisis is an emotionally difficult period, which in most cases occurs at the age of 40 years. At this time many men have new priorities. More specifically, lifestyle changes so that emotional demands are fully met.

Some men experience this period extremely difficult. Often it is the main cause of betrayal. This is due to the revaluation and review of choices made at an earlier age.

In simple words, a midlife crisis is a cardinal change in the system of values ​​and priorities. The period is not fatal, and it can be survived.You only need to know its symptoms in order to act in a timely and correct manner.

  • Depression. Many men during the crisis experience depression, which affects the mood and adversely affects the activity, which is often accompanied by neglect of work and family. Depression is indicated by weight loss, loss of appetite, poor sleep, lack of energy, feelings of hopelessness and sadness, lack of interest in important things.
  • . Representatives of the stronger sex are trying to change their lifestyle. In particular, if before they liked the work, now they can replace it. Judgments and values ​​are cast into doubt. It is impossible to say exactly how this will affect future life.
  • Thirst for change and adventure. Another symptom of midlife crisis in men. They buy other cars or devote a lot of time to places of entertainment. It reminds of old times. People who used to spend a lot of time with their families switch to travel or extreme rest. A woman can support her husband or express incomprehension to him. In the latter case, it usually does not end very well.
  • Feeling of anger. At a time when a man is faced with a midlife crisis, he is extremely problematic to carry out self-analysis. He blames his own failures for his relatives, colleagues, even the bosses. In this case, the spouse is better to step aside and not join the unjustified inflating of the conflict, initiated by her husband.
  • Doubt about choosing a wife. There are times when a married couple lives happily together for many years and has celebrated more than one anniversary of the wedding, but in the end the husband declares that in his youth he made a mistake. In this situation, a woman should not be offended. These words must be regarded as a symptom of a crisis. It is necessary to understand that if a man accuses his wife of being forced to create a marriage, he seeks to justify the feeling of discomfort that has appeared in relation to the family.

Dear women, in such a situation do not believe the words that sound from the mouth of a spouse. During this period, his words and behavior are dictated by changes in the body and in life.

What to do in the midlife crisis?

It's time to talk about what to do in a middle age crisis for a man after 40 years.

  1. It is necessary to stop looking back and count the past years. If life has become dull and lost its meaning, try filling it with paints. It is enough to learn something new and extremely interesting. For example, you can learn how to fish, learn English or become a good driver.
  2. It does not hurt to pay attention to the realization of desires and ideas. Many men try first of all to earn money on housing, and only after they start to travel. In the conditions of modern life, the moment of proper rest may not come. The result is a delayed life syndrome. As a result, the man thinks that he lived the wrong life and did not use the opportunities available in the old days. You need to feel the taste of real life. Do you want to become a skillful dancer? Sign up for dance lessons. Want to experience adrenaline? Jump with a parachute. Fulfilling desires bring a lot of joy to life and alleviate the symptoms of a crisis.
  3. Stay optimistic, stop negative thoughts about old age and ailments in the bud. Think about health and take care of it in every possible way. Give up bad habits, exercise and pay attention to walks in the fresh air and good sleep. Such an approach will eliminate the thoughts of a depressive nature.
  4. Always and in all notice good things, concentrate on success and success. Having achieved a certain success, praise yourself. If you look at the world with optimistic eyes, avoid the strong impact of the crisis and calmly outlive it.
  5. Set specific goals. It is much better to focus on setting goals and achieving them than to fall into depression and reflect on vainly lived years. To succeed, you just need to start. If you get on the right path, prevent inaction, laziness and blues, try to drive them away.
  6. Learn to appreciate what you have. Many believe that they have achieved little in life. Surely there are things that make them happy and bring joy. Favorite work, wife with children, cheerful company of friends - do not take it for granted. Rate what is.
  7. Easily relive this period will help hobby. It will help you to feel yourself as a realized and developed person. Every man should have a hobby - sports, fishing, drawing or collecting coins. Together with a hobby you will find like-minded people and communication.
  8. Fatigue and overwork should be warned.Enough to actively relax and avoid exhausting loads. Otherwise, you will become apathetic and irritable, and these qualities are the first symptoms of a crisis.

Do not forget that the middle age crisis is a temporary period. Don't worry too much. This age process is due to the emotional and physiological changes that occur in the body. At the same time, the approaching old age and maturity of the organism must be thought in a different way. Think about how many famous people, despite a decent age, continue to work actively. Not surprising, because they have more opportunities than inexperienced youngsters.

How long does a midlife crisis last for men over 40?

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The midlife crisis has many satellites, including a change of values, depression, a sense of the meaninglessness of life, self-pity and emptiness. Even successful men can not always stand on their feet under the influence of these factors, and strong families at the same time break like glass.

An accomplished man, for no definite reason, can quit a good job, fall into a deep depression, withdraw, become a mistress or leave a family.No one can explain or understand this behavior. A man begins to express dissatisfaction with life and demonstrate pushed for lost opportunities. With peers, he leads surface conversations, and accuses loved ones of failures.

The duration of the crisis does not have borders. For one man, the crisis lasts for a year, while for another, it lasts for decades. The duration and depth of the crisis directly depend on the nature of the man, his work, social status, well-being, support of family members.

Often a midlife crisis is considered a stereotype imposed by society, based on a number of values, including a happy family life or a successful career. This age line is a turning point in life, but there is no point in indulging in fruitless and dismal reflection.

According to psychologists, it is much better when a man evaluates the experience of a past life and confidently moves forward in the direction of his goals. Do not be afraid to sum up and draw conclusions. We need to find the positive moments and concentrate on them. This is the only way to build a happy future.

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There are often cases when a person can not curb emotions. In such a situation, the help of a psychologist will not interfere. No need to be ashamed of it, because in the first place is overcoming the difficult life stage, after which you can move on.

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