Miniature scenes in used jewelry boxes

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In an unexpected but impressive way, the Canadian-Trinidadian artistTalwstgives a second life to used jewelry boxes. Having painstakingly painted the boxes with picturesque scenes from different historical periods, adding heroes and decorative elements, he created a series of miniature dioramas inside antique jewelry boxes.

Using mix media techniques and performance ideas in their works, the author explores the history of art and shares his discoveries with the audience. And by introducing elements of contrasting cultures into his work, he tries to attract a large audience to the subject of historical and art criticism discourse.

“I want the viewer to open the box and transfer it to another world”, says Talwst.

According to the artist, the idea of ​​creating this series of miniatures arose when in Paris a street vendor handed him an old box for a ring and said:"I want to see what you do with it".Talwst designed the sea scene in her: a girl coming out of the water.

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