Minus 60 kilos: the mother of four children lost half the weight of a photo shoot

For a year, a 44-year-old woman turned from a bun into Jessica Rabbit.

From mothers of large families it is rarely expected that they meet the glossy standards. Even the stars and those sometimes after childbirth are distributed in breadth and then with difficulty come into shape. And what can we say about ordinary earthly women who have neither nannies, nor a cook, nor a nutritionist, nor a time for sports? 44-year-old Rachel Ford was just an ordinary earthly woman. Four children, the age is not quite young, is there a figure? Well, yes, the weight has passed for a centner. And clothing in size is harder to find. 64th after all, no joke. But one day everything changed thanks to a single photo. Rachel saw herself in the picture in a bathing suit.

“I hated myself. Looking at these pictures, I suffered from a sense of guilt and was the most unhappy woman on earth, ”she recalls.

Photo: HotSpot Media

With overweight, Rachel faced in 16 years. Chocolate bars, chips and cakes were on her menu every day. The girl was unable to refuse them. By the age of 20 she already weighed 83 kilograms.However, the extra weight did not prevent her from meeting her love. Jim was much older than Rachel, he was 48 years old at the time of their meeting. Despite the difference in age, they got married.

“We bought takeaway food every day. Curry, for example, or Chinese food. Biting cake before bedtime - a common thing. Jim didn't care how much I weigh, ”says Rachel.

Then Rachel became pregnant and gave birth to a firstborn. George is now 13 years old. Of course, she still gained weight - the scales showed almost 130 kilograms. The woman did not even remember about diet and training. She had no time for this. Two years later, the second son of Rachel and Jim, William, was born. The woman managed to lose some weight then. But with its monstrous weight, the difference was hardly noticeable.

“I understood that it was time for decisive action. From this day on - no more takeaway food, no fast food. There were no more cookies or chocolate in the house so that there was no temptation, ”Rachel says.

Photo: HotSpot Media
Photo: HotSpot Media
Photo: HotSpot Media

Jim supported his wife in her endeavors. And even he began to follow the diet. In a year and a half, Rachel lost 57 kilograms!

“It was just a holiday.I bought new things and could not get enough of it. Friends could not believe that I was able to change so much. Compliments fell from all sides. I felt like a completely different person, ”she says proudly.

Rachel even managed to keep her weight during her third pregnancy. And then the fourth happened when the woman was already 39 years old. Metabolism, you know, is not the same. And then there's the willpower of a woman let down. Rachel ordered curry only once and was gone. Food addiction returned with a new force. After giving birth, Rachel again weighed 130 kilograms.

“I was disappointed in myself. I crossed all my labors with my own hands, ”she says.

To recover, Rachel asked her husband to take a picture of her in a bathing suit. And it worked. Sport, diet - all over again. Now she was supported not only by her husband, but also by the children: they ran and trained with her. For the year, Rachel returned to normal weight - 70 kilograms.

“I can run around with my children without breathlessness, I can again put on clothes that I could not fit in for more than a year,” says the lucky woman.

And in order to celebrate her achievement, Rachel arranged for herself a photo session, in which she appeared in daring images, which she could only dream of earlier: a sexy sailor and a fatal lady, somewhat similar to Jessica Rabbit.

“These pictures will motivate me. Now I definitely will not fall for unhealthy foods. I have much to be proud of and something to lose, ”Rachel is confident.

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