Model plus-size: "Swimsuits sew only for slims!"

Blogger and model plus-size Sonny Turner complained on her page in Instagram that, despite the movement of the body kit, girls with an unusual figure are still very difficult to find anything in stores. This is especially true of swimsuits, which, as she got the impression, are being sewn exclusively for skinny women. To prove her words, Sonny tried on the largest swimsuit in one of the popular stores and showed a sad result.

“The brands do not think at all about the customers with a non-standard figure,” she wrote under the pictures, in which she vainly tries to cover the strategic places. - Young designers, do not repeat mistakes, create clothes for different types of shapes. Full girls deserve clothes in which they will feel confident, and the choice is much more than a black swimsuit. "

Sonny was supported by subscribers, who in her account 125 thousand people.As it turned out, most of them face this problem anyway.

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