Model Victoria's Secret in one bra drove a man on a sleigh

This is a spectacle!

25-year-old Karlie Kloss strictly follows the figure. And forcing her to miss classes with a personal trainer will not force anything! Even in a blizzard, she went out with a handsome bodybuilder to complete the program. From the clothes on the angel Victoria’s Secret were only leggings and sports bra. But she was definitely not cold: she diligently pushed the trainer-sled, on which her trainer stood.

Mar 21, 2018 at 12:12 pm PDT

Supermodel told me that she plays sports 5 times a week. In order not to get bored, she constantly changes the types of training. “I can start the week with a private lesson with a trainer, go to strength and cardio training on the basis of exercise bikes on Tuesday, do ballet on Wednesday and finally do Pilates on Thursday. I love to try something new, ”she said. And Carly admitted that her favorite activity is classical dances, which she has been doing since childhood. Such persistence and strength of will can only be envied.

Another secret of the stunning figure of a girl is proper nutrition.She loves fruit in combination with vegetables and pure protein. Favorite food is fish fillets (cod or salmon) and fresh vegetables. In addition, Kloss said that she was literally obsessed with spices, so in restaurants she always asks for an extra portion of spices or an extra sauce.

Here, perhaps, are the main reasons why Kloss looks insanely seductive both on fantastic brand shows and on carpets. We suggest once again to make sure.

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